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Racial discrimination in employment is not uncommon, especially in workplaces in Los Angeles, California. In fact, according to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), the agency received over 2,000 cases of race discrimination from the State of California during the fiscal year 2012. Despite the existing employment and labor laws that prohibit discrimination and harassment in the workplace on the basis of race, employment racial discrimination in Los Angeles are still rampant, wherein employers claim that a certain employment decision is legitimate and that the involved person’s race is a non-factor. If you believe you have been subjected to any form of discrimination in which the motivating factor was your race, then you should consider hiring the legal services of our employment and labor law firm’s best Los Angeles race discrimination lawyers.

Hiring a Racial Discrimination Attorney in Los Angeles

Because the existing federal and California employment and labor laws could be complicated for you to interpret, it is vital for you to hire the services of our experienced racial discrimination lawyer from our Los Angeles employment law firm. Not only is our top employment discrimination lawyer knowledgeable with regard to the existing employment laws, but is also willing to guide you throughout the complex process of filing your case against your employer.

You will have a better chance of obtaining the rightful type of damages from your employer once you obtain representation from our top California racial discrimination attorney, in which you may be able to recover compensation for your lost wages and future earnings, as well as pain and suffering and emotional distress.

Your employer might claim to have a legitimate reason as to why you were involved in an employment decision, but our racial discrimination attorney in Los Angeles will attempt to prove that your employer’s adverse decision is a pretext for unlawful race discrimination. Your employment lawyer will do so by gathering your own accounts and the statements of your other co-workers and other witnesses, as well as obtaining pieces of circumstantial evidence such as documents, e-mails, and personnel information.

About Race Discrimination

Workplace discrimination on the basis of race happens when an employee experiences unfavorable treatment at any stage or aspect of the employment process, such as job promotions, salaries and benefits, job assignments, hiring and training and employment termination or layoffs.  It is to the discretion of the employer to execute these employment decisions, as long as it is legal. However, if you believe that race is a motivating factor for your employer’s adverse actions with regard to your involvement in any of the employment processes mentioned above, then you must consider obtaining the quality representation of our Los Angeles law firm’s experienced discrimination lawyer.

Part of our aggressive pursuit and effective handling of your case is conducting a series of investigations, as well as working with H.R. experts to determine whether race was a large part of the reason why your were subjected to termination, demotion, or any adverse employment action. Our race discrimination law firm’s Los Angeles employment lawyers will also make sure that we take a closer look at your employer’s practices to see if they satisfy the industry standards and the California laws, particularly the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA), designed to combat race discrimination in the workplace. Our race discrimination law firm has decades of experience handling employment discrimination matters in California.

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Your case should be handled by the best race discrimination lawyers. If you are a member of any racial or national minority who works in California and you have been subjected to unfair treatment because of your race, then it is in your best interest to seek our Los Angeles employment law firm’s top race discrimination attorneys. We accept claims on a contingency fee basis with a “No Win, No Fee” guarantee, which means we don’t collect any attorney fees if we don’t win your case on your behalf.

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