Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Attorney

For many people in Los Angeles, riding bicycles are either a form of recreation or a form of exercise. Regardless, bicycles have been regarded as one of the modes of transportation in the city, as evidenced by the bike lanes on the sides of some of the roadways. But then, bicyclists are exposed to traffic and the elements of cars driving around them, which make them vulnerable to accidents. The inherently small size of bikes as opposed to cars, trucks, buses, and other vehicles increases the risks of bicyclists to suffer from injuries as a result of collisions. Thus, if you are bicyclist and you get injured after a vehicle collided with you, it is important that you first contact the best Los Angeles bicycle accident attorney.

Hiring our bike accident law firm’s expert bicycle accident lawyer in Los Angeles ensures you that your rights to acquire personal injury damages from the liable person or party are protected. Our bicycle accident attorneys work on such cases which involve negligence or the carelessness or failure to act of a certain person or party that caused the bike rider’s injuries and damages.

Why Should I Hire a Bike Accident Lawyer?

The reason for hiring our experienced bike accident lawyer in Los Angeles is because of what the other person or party involved in the accident would say in response to your claim. Upon filing your claim, the negligent or careless driver may deny your allegations by saying that it was you who was the primary cause of the accident which led to your injury. To help strengthen your claim, it is a must that you seek the expertise of our Los Angeles bike accident attorney. With the knowledge of actively pursuing bike accident claims through representation and use of effective strategies such as gathering and preserving valuable pieces of evidence and determining the amount of compensation you are entitled to receive as a result of your losses and injuries, our bike accident lawyer in LA can help you attain your goal of winning your claim against the liable person or party.

California Bike Accident Lawyer

Bicycle accidents always involve mild to serious injuries, from cuts and bruises, to fractures and head injuries. It is in this regard that we strongly suggest that you hire our top California bike accident lawyer in case you get injured because of a car driver’s negligence. Our attorney can help you obtain the best compensation for you based on the injuries you sustained in the accident. Our lawyer is capable of securing compensation that would help cover your medical expenses and future medical care, as well as any losses that you and your family may have to overcome as a result of your injury such as pain and suffering and emotional distress. Also, our experienced California bicycle accident attorney willingly works hard to fend off any attempts of the erring party’s insurance company to offer you a settlement that is insufficient to help cover your medical expenses and any residual effects of your injuries.

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If you are involved in a bike or bicycle accident in Los Angeles, our bike and bicycle accident law firm is ready to provide you with expert help. Our best bike accident attorneys of the Mesriani Law Group know the dangers of riding bicycles in Los Angeles, the injuries involved in such accidents, and the possibility of insurance companies to not provide you with a reasonable compensation. This is why our law firm’s top Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers will aggressively pursue your claim and make the negligent persons or parties pay for their negligent acts.

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