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Under California law, every business, regardless of size, must have a definite set of policies and procedures that are pursuant to the existing employment and labor laws in the state. However, without any definite company policy in place, employment and labor conflicts may soon occur. Oftentimes, despite some employers having a concrete set of policies and procedures, some of the provisions stated in such are either not known or highly misunderstood. To avoid this kind of inconvenience, hiring an expert Los Angeles employment lawyer who is capable of drafting and putting together an employment manual that is both in-depth and discernible would be the best solution.

Our employment and labor law firm’s Los Angeles employment manual preparation attorneys have the extensive knowledge with regard to the employment laws in both the federal and state levels. They also have the needed experience to help make sure that your business fulfills the provisions of these laws. Hiring the best labor law attorney to draft your employment manual would greatly benefit your company in the long run; promoting consistent compliance to the ever-changing landscape of the state’s employment and labor laws.

Hiring a California Labor Law Attorney

Many employers do not understand the significance of having an effectively-drafted employment manual. An expert employment manual preparation lawyer in Los Angeles can act as your first defense in an employment claim by one of your employees as it can spell out your employment policies and act as evidence that you have programs in place to prevent circumstances of discrimination, harassment, and wage and hour claims.

In coming up with your company’s employee handbook, it is critical that you have all the important bases covered when it comes to all possible employment and labor law situations. This will help ensure that the handbook follows the different federal and state employment and labor laws and are for the benefit of both your company and your employees. Hence, you must seek the expertise of our best California labor law attorney to help draft and create an employment manual. Through our law firm’s top labor law attorney, your manual would have all the provisions laying out standard policies and programs designed to prevent any forms of employment discrimination in your company, as well as clear policies regarding wages, overtime pay, hours of work, sick leave, vacation leave, and holidays.

About Employment Manual Preparation

The best employment manual should be well-drafted and must include the following standard contents:

  • The employer can make adjustment and improvements to this manual at any time and for any cause, especially if there are new rulings and passed legislations that must apply to such legal document.
  • An employment at-will statement coming from the employer is always recommended.
  • Policies concerning sexual harassment in the workplace, conduct within the workplace, working hours, periods of wages, proper dress code, provisions regarding sick, vacation, and family leaves, benefits such as health and insurance, worker’s compensation and severance pay.
  • Job arrangements that conform with the Fair Labor Standards Act and other related California laws.

An experienced employment manual preparation lawyer from our law firm in Los Angeles should be consulted, especially if you have no certain policies in place. It is possible that your company may become more vulnerable to lawsuits from your current and former employees, therefore having a weaker defense against pending legal battles that may come your way.

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The Mesriani Law Group’s top employment manual preparation lawyer offers handbook review (if you already have a handbook containing employment and labor guidelines), updating and preparation. We make sure that your company’s handbook is as accurate and updated as the current employment and labor laws in California. Our Los Angeles law firm also assesses and drafts other legal documents concerning employers, from by-laws to other employment agreements with regard to employer-employee relationship.

Contact our best employment manual preparation attorney today at (866) 998-2545. You may also send us an e-mail telling us about your desire to establish an employment manual for your company at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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