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Leaving your job and then moving to a new workplace is a hard thing to do, especially if your employer decides on a layoff or downsize. More than leaving your tasks behind, you will also have to leave behind your co-workers whom you built a strong working relationship with. But then, as a way of smoothening your transition of leaving the workplace, your employer may offer you as much assistance as it could possibly provide you, and this may include providing you a severance package. However, you will need an experienced severance agreement attorney in Los Angeles before you negotiate what your employer is offering you.

Severance packages often involve legal complexities that could be too much for you to understand which is why seeking an expert Los Angeles severance agreement lawyer is very important. Without legal assistance from an employment severance package lawyer, your chances of obtaining monetary and other benefits upon leaving your company may not be as advantageous.

Employment Severance Package in Los Angeles, California

The concept of an employment severance package in California is often misunderstood by most workers in the state, not to mention all over the country. To begin with, your employer is not required to provide you separation pay upon your departure from the company due to termination or layoff. However, your employer may be willing to do so due to various reasons. Oftentimes, your employer may do so to avoid a lawsuit that you may file in the future, which could disrupt its day-to-day business operations. Unless you are bound by an employment contract stating that you are entitled to a severance package upon your departure from your employer, you may not actually receive extra severance pay at all.

If the provision in your employment contract states that you indeed are entitled to a severance package, you may have to sign some documents as standard protocol before leaving the company. However, it is very important that you read them first very carefully and understand all the provisions that surround them. If the language of the documents you have to sign concerning your severance package is complicated, or if you are in doubt, hiring our Los Angeles employment and labor law firm’s top severance package attorney is the right cause of action.

What is a Severance Package?

By hiring our law firm’s severance package lawyer, you will be made aware of what you will receive once you signed on the documents’ dotted lines. Basically, a severance package is pay and benefits that are monetary in nature, and that the amount offered to you may include compensation or payments based on your length of employment in the company, unused vacation time or sick leave, insurance benefits, and bonus payments, among others.

With the expertise of our top employment severance attorney, you will be sure you are indeed entitled to pay and benefits pursuant to your employment contract. Since companies often devise agreements that are one-sided and against your favor, ourexperienced Los Angeles severance lawyer in California will help you negotiate with your employer for you to be able to get the best deal possible.

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At the Mesriani Law Group, we understand that leaving your employer is an emotional time, and that our expert employment severance lawyer will help you throughout your ordeal. We will ensure you that your right to receive separation pay and benefits are safeguarded through our negotiations with your employer. We also work on a “No Win, No Fee” guarantee, which means that you will not pay any attorney fee if we don’t win your claim for you.
If you have any concerns regarding your severance package, it is best that you seek our best severance package lawyer in Los Angeles by contacting our employment and labor law firm today at (866) 998-4525. You may also send us the details of your claim through e-mail at this address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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