Los Angeles Family and Medical Leave Act

If you’re an employee in a Los Angeles company, it is expected for you to have a good attendance. However, you sometimes can’t help being absent, especially if you or someone in your family has to deal with a serious health condition. If you are a female employee, you might need to take some time off from your duties at work to give birth and care for your newborn child. When any of these situations happen to you, you must know that you are protected under the Family and Medical Leave Act or FMLA.

Under this federal act, you can take an unpaid leave of up to 12 workweeks during any 12-month period, as long as you have worked under a particular employer for at least 12 months, worked for at least 1,250 hours within the said 12-month period, and that your employer have at least 50 employees within a 75-mile radius of the location where you work. These are just the basic eligibility rules for the FMLA, but sometimes, employers may take advantage of certain specific provisions in the act that could leave you in a dilemma. If you think you are eligible to take a leave but your employer does not allow you to take a medical leave, then it is best that you seek an experienced Los Angeles Family and Medical Leave Act attorney.

Why Should I Hire a FMLA Lawyer in Los Angeles?

By hiring our top employment and labor law firm’s FMLA lawyer in Los Angeles, you are confident that our legal representative’s quality representation will help emphasize that you indeed are rightfully entitled for a leave under the said act. Our best FMLA lawyer in Los Angeles, CA has all the basic and advance knowledge of the technicalities that encompass the act, which will be used as proof to point out that your employer really violated one or some of the provisions in the Act.

California Family and Medical Leave Act

Every California Family and Medical Leave Act attorney knows that in most circumstances, employers violate the FMLA if they decide to ask their employees to report to work during the 12-workweek leave. They also acknowledge that employers violate the Act if they interfered with their employees’ attempt to file for an FMLA leave, either directly or indirectly. Finally, they recognize that it is a grave violation for employers to retaliate against employees for taking FMLA leaves through demotion, non-reinstatement or termination. If any of these occurrences happens to you, then it is in your best interest to retain the services of any of our law firm’s top FMLA lawyers so that your rights to file a case against your employer are protected and that your employer faces the tough consequences of its actions or inactions.

Contact our Family and Medical Leave Act Lawyer Today

If you have any concerns with your employer with regard to your leave of absence under the FMLA, then let our top FMLA law firm from the Mesriani Law Group establish your case. In case your employer terminated you or demoted you just because you took your leave, then our best Family and Medical Leave Act attorney will effectively employ the necessary strategies to help you get reinstated to your job and pay you for your loss of earnings, as well as emotional distress. In any case, your rights to file a claim against your employer are protected through the expertise of our best employment lawyers.

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