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Class action lawsuit is a legal term which means that a class of persons can file a single case against one party or one cause of action. It also includes filing a case by one person against several parties or a class of persons. Accordingly, class action law suit can also be the process of filing a claim by a class of persons against several parties.

Class action law suits are generally applied in employment cases. Generally, almost all cases of employment or labor law violations of employers can be the subject of class law suit when it involves more than one employee victim. In discrimination cases, for example, if you and your co-employees are being discriminated against due to age, race, gender, disability, pregnancy or religion, you can file a class action law suit against your employer.

There are a lot of benefits of a class action law suit, i.e., you are not alone in your claim, you have a single cause of action against the employer, you already have witness through your co-complainants to strengthen your case and the legal fees are greatly minimized. However, there also down sides like the evidence are more voluminous and the proof needed is also multiplied depending on the subject matter of your class action suit and the number of victims in the class action law suit.

To make sure that your class action employment law suit will prosper, the important decision to make is finding the right Los Angeles class action law suit attorneys who can protect your rights against your employer. Mesriani Law Group is one such law firm. We have the expertise and the resources to fight tooth and nail against unscrupulous employers in California.

Things to Keep in Mind in Filing Employment Harassment Case

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