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10 Tips for Law School Success with Della Shaker

by Marissa Vessels 7 Likes Law School

Whether you're interested in going to law school, currently enrolled, or just enjoy reminiscing on your good 'ol law school days, you're sure to enjoy this exclusive interview with Della Shaker

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Claim Form
The Art of Negotiating Personal Injury Claims

by Richard C 12 Likes Personal Injury Law

Your lawyer will let you know if the offer is reasonable or even if not, he should be able to explain to you the litigation process and help you weigh the pros and cons of going through with litigating your case or not.

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employment discrimination act
Employment Discrimination in California

by Della Shaker 33 Likes Employment Discrimination

Discrimination in the work place happens when an employer does not treat an employee the same way because of the employer’s personal bias. Discrimination is illegal as it goes against public policy.

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