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Understanding Common Transactional Business Law Issues

In a perfect world, a good business person would be able to handle all the legal facets of running their business without having to worry about potential problems or litigation. Unfortunately, business laws have become so complex, that almost every business owner will have to consult a lawyer sooner or later to ensure the continued success of their enterprise.

Why Are Contracts Important in Business?

Contracts are voluntary legal agreements between two or more parties that outline each party’s rights and obligations. Oral and written contracts are both legally valid, but for business purposes, the old-fashioned concept of “doing business on a handshake” is falling out of favor.

What Does a Lease Outline?

Unless you purchase property or operating components for your business, such as a vehicle, commercial printer or an office building, you'll have to lease the space or items. Since you don't own the product or area you're leasing, you must abide by the lessor's contract. The lease contract clearly states your responsibility as a lessee.

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What you have legal recourse for breach of an employment contract?

If you are the employee or employer you should not try to violate a written or implied without the advice of a lawyer agreement. If you have to break your contract of employment, it may be of interest to negotiate a mutual termination agreement with the other party.

Will of the survivor.

The untimely and unexpected demise of an individual has so many repercussions that would affect not only the property regime of the deceased but also his successors-in-interest as well.

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