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Not all law firms are created equal. There are law practitioners who are knowledgeable in personal injury accidents while others have experience in Employment and Labor law concerns. With Mesriani Law Group, you don’t have to choose either way because our top California lawyers have decades of experience in taking care of both personal injury cases and employment and labor law issues.

We have been protecting the rights of both traffic accident victims and employee victims from unjust treatments not only in Los Angeles but in other cities and counties in California as well. If you are in Burbank, we can definitely assist you with your legal needs as we have a meeting place in that area and other areas throughout California. Don’t hesitate to seek us for help as we are known to provide top legal service and personalized client care at practically no cost to you through our No Win No Fee guarantee. Call our top Burbank lawyers now and we are always ready to serve your legal needs.

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Mesriani Law Group has dedicated its legal practice to championing the causes of all victims of personal injury accidents and employment and labor law violations in Los Angeles and all throughout California.

Rodney Mesriani

Employment/Labor And Personal Injury Lawyer

Yolanda A. Slaughter

Employment/Labor And Personal Injury Lawyer

James E. Fox

Personal Injury Lawyer

Tracy Neal-Lopez

Employment/Labor And Personal Injury Lawyer

Zachary M. Cantor

Employment/Labor And Personal Injury Lawyer

Brandon Chang

Employment/Labor Lawyer

Kevin Crough

Employment/Labor Lawyer

Niki Azimzadeh

Personal Injury Department Manager Lawyer

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This is our No Win No Fee Guarantee to all our clients. It’s Win-Win for you no matter how your personal injury case or employment law matter unfolds.

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