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For more than 20 years of committed service to the people of Los Angeles County, Mesriani Law Group has been involved in various case settlements and litigations. These include those famous cases wherein we were able to provide our clients with the most favorable and beneficial results.

Now, we are reassuring our efforts to maintain our legacy in the following areas of law:

Personal Injury Law

Our skilled and agressive Los Angeles County lawyers have their own unique style of handling injury and wrongful death cases involving vehicular accidents, slip and fall accidents, product liabilities, premises liabilities, construction accidents, animal attacks, and even medical malpractice. All of these are due to negligence and other imprudent behaviors, which generally resulted in serious damages, injuries and even fatalities.

Employment Law

It is for a fact that many employees in Los Angeles County have been experiencing several types of employment discrimination and abuse. Some of them are even subjected to wrongful termination, sexual harassment, and unfair wage. Thus, our impressive team of legal experts is always ready to fight for their rights and support them utilizing all their knowledge of the Labor Code and implemented federal and state employment laws.


Mesriani Law Group has dedicated its legal practice in championing the causes of all victims of personal injury accidents and employment and labor law violations in Los Angeles and throughout California.

Rodney Mesriani 

Personal Injury and Employment – Labor Lawyer

Della Shaker 

Personal Injury and Employment – Labor Lawyer

Yolanda Slaughter 

Personal Injury and Employment – Labor Lawyer

Jonathan M. Lebe 

Personal Injury and Employment – Labor Lawyer

Tracy  Neal-Lopez 

Personal Injury and Employment – Labor Lawyer

Zachary Cantor 

Personal Injury and Employment – Labor Lawyer

James E  Fox 

Personal Injury and Employment – Labor Lawyer


We are well respected in the legal community not only because of our aggressive commitment in pursuing the parties at fault to the fullest extent to our clients’ benefits but also because of our known compassion towards our clients and their families in making sure that they are well protected physically, emotionally and financially while we take care of their cases for them.




Our employment attorneys bring a unique theme and perspective to each case, enabling them to anticipate and resolve any employment or labor law issues with utmost efficiency and success.


Our law firm is confident that it can successfully protect your rights and represent you during negotiations, settlements and even trials that we are even willing to take on your case on a Contingency Basis.

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