Computing The Value of Your Personal Injury Claims

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There are a lot of factors that determine the value of your personal injury claims. At the outset, you should know first what it means to be involved in a personal injury accident.

Only after knowing that you have a claim for personal injury accident damages can you begin to weigh in whether it is worth pursuing or not.

Types of Personal Injury Accidents in California

TThere are three general types of torts claims in California. These personal injury accidents include:

  • 1. Traffic accidents – which can either be a car accident, bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, pedestrian accident or even bus accident, truck accident or train accident;
  • 2. Premise liability accidents – which include slip and fall accident, trip and fall accident, dog bite, personal injury, explosion, and fire, swimming pool accident or construction accident; or
  • 3. Other negligence accidents – which include boating accidents, animal attacks or aviation accidents.

Types of Injuries You May Suffer From a Personal Injury Accident

Regardless of the type of personal injury accident you may be involved in, it is reasonable to assume that you will suffer bodily injuries requiring medical treatments. These injuries may range from superficial injuries like cuts, scrapes and bruises to internal injuries like spine injuries, fractures, head injury and even brain injury.

In worst cases, a personal injury accident can even lead to wrongful death. Also in this latter instance, the victim may initially suffer fatal injuries requiring serious treatments before succumbing to the mortal wounds.

Treatments of any of the foregoing injuries can definitely affect how much you will claim from the party at fault.

Types of Personal Injury Damages You Can Claim

After the accident, you will suffer several damages and losses. You need to determine what these damages are so you know what to claim and the evidence you need to prove these claims.

Usual damages suffered in a personal injury accident include:

  • 1. property damage,
  • 2. actual medical costs,
  • 3. future medical care,
  • 4. loss of earnings, and
  • 5. pain and suffering.

In case of wrongful death, however, you can seek further damages from the party at fault for the loss of your loved one, which includes:

  • 1. Loss of life’s earnings,
  • 2. Loss of consortium,
  • 3. Loss of love and support,
  • 4. Funeral and burial expenses and
  • 5. Punitive damages

Types of Evidence You Need to Present

After knowing what accident you were in, the personal injuries you suffered as a result and the damages you can claim, you then need to prove all your allegations, which include providing the following evidence:

  • 1. Documentary Evidence – related to medical records and bills, employment certification, repair costs of your property, the police report detailing the investigation and witness declarations to support your claim.
  • 2. Oral Evidence – this evidence can be presented in court or even during negotiations if allowed by both parties to corroborate your allegations.

Hurdles You Need to Get Over

You will be faced by insurance adjusters who will do everything to deny your claims. In some instances, you will be faced by defense lawyers hired by the other party to make sure that you will not be able to prove liability against their client. Furthermore, you need to contend with determining who to ask for legal help because not all lawyers are learned in torts claims.

Seek Help Only From Expert Personal Injury Lawyers

All the evidence in the world cannot help you win your claims if you are not represented by top personal injury lawyers like MLG Lawyers who have vast experience in protecting the rights of all personal injury victims in California.

The value of your claims rests on all the above coming together and to be utilized by your top personal injury lawyer in getting the maximum award of damages whether through negotiating your claims or, if need be, litigating your demand for an award of damages in the courts of law.

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