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Difference Between Wrongful Termination and Constructive Discharge

by Della Shaker 3 Likes Wrongful Termination

The law protects the rights of every employee against illegal or wrongful termination from work. However...

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How to Prevent Sexual Harassment in the Workplace?

by Della Shaker 6 Likes Sexual Harassment

One of the most widespread problem in the California work place is sexual harassment. It is very difficult for employees to face because most of the times...

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Unemployment in California - Claim Your Benefits

by Della Shaker 12 Likes Wrongful Termination

Unemployment benefits are benefits provided for by the government to make sure that those who were let off from work without fault on their own will...

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employment discrimination
What To Do In Case of Employment Discrimination?

by Della Shaker 15 Likes Employment Discrimination

Discrimination at work still happens nowadays due in part to employees’ fear of retaliation from their employers. Most employees know that they are being harassed but they are helpless against these maltreatments because they don’t want get their employers mad.

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employment discrimination act
Employment Discrimination in California

by Della Shaker 33 Likes Employment Discrimination

Discrimination in the work place happens when an employer does not treat an employee the same way because of the employer’s personal bias. Discrimination is illegal as it goes against public policy.

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