Multi-Vehicle Crash In Baldwin Park, One Killed

Author: Mesriani Law Group
Posted on: May 13, 2020

A 13-year-old was killed in a multi-vehicle crash in Baldwin Park Sunday afternoon.

A tow truck was heading east on the 10 Freeway, near Francisquito Avenue. Angel Jesus Aragon, the tow truck driver, failed to stop for upcoming traffic and crashed into a white Toyota Corolla, which had one passenger inside. The car was pushed into another car, a Kia Nero, which then hit the rear of a white Honda Odyssey. The Odyssey crashed into a Honda CRV, pushing it to hit another vehicle, a silver Toyota Corolla. The silver Corolla ended up smashed into the back of the tow truck.

Aragon tried to avoid the collision, but hit another vehicle in the process, a gray Nissan Murano. The Nissan, which had five passengers, then crashed into the center divider wall. One of its passengers, a 13-year-old, immediately died in the crash. A white Lexus also hit the Nissan.

Another approaching vehicle, a Dodge Ram, eventually crashed into the Nissan.

The multi-vehicle collision prompted a full closure of the all lanes of the 10 Freeway. Twenty people were involved in the collision.

Los Angeles County paramedic took those injured to USC Medical Center via helicopter.