Do I Need a Work Injury Attorney?

Author: Mesriani Law Group
Posted on: August 14, 2020

In Los Angeles, work injuries are more common than you think. And in the state of California, work injuries don’t necessarily have to happen on the worksite. In some cases, injuries can take place outside of the worksite, as long as the reason for being there is related to the employee’s work duties.

If you’ve been injured at work, you have the right to pursue work injury claims against your employer. Working with a work injury attorney can ensure you get the maximum compensation you deserve for your injuries.

Types of Workplace Injuries

There are two types of workplace injuries based on how the victim sustained the injuries – immediate or apparent injuries and non-apparent injuries.

Immediate or apparent injuries refer to work-related injuries caused by accidents. You can immediately connect the cause and effect of these types of injuries. In this case, negligence is the cause and bodily injuries is the result.

Non-apparent injuries are work-related injuries that employees sustain over a period of time due to certain types of exposures. Common examples include exposures to chemicals or other unsafe working conditions. As a result, the employee can sustain carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems, internal health, or organ problems.

As injured workers, you are entitled to complete medical evaluations and treatments to address your health-related concerns. From x-rays, MRIs, lab tests, neurological tests, chiropractic care, physical therapy treatments, orthopedic treatments, epidural injections, and surgeries – you have the right to fully address your pain symptoms.

And after all your pain and suffering, you should not have to be responsible for paying these medical expenses. As a victim, you have the right to pursue workers’ compensation benefits from your insurance company as well as any other applicable damages against the parties at fault.

What to Do After a Work Injury

If you’ve been a victim of a workplace injury, there are certain steps you should take to build your case.

First, inform your employer about your injury. By doing so, you can increase your chances of obtaining worker’s compensation benefits.

Next, seek medical treatment for your injury. Make sure seek medical attention as soon as possible and let your doctor know that your injuries were work-related. Employers are obligated to medical bills for injuries that were sustained from work-related activities.

Discuss all your symptoms with your doctor. Medical professionals need to get a full understanding of your symptoms and injuries so they can properly recommend the necessary treatments. Adhere to all medical advice.

Within one day of your injury, make sure you submit a claim form about your injury. Submit this form to your employer who will submit it to the worker’s compensation company. Upon submission, an administrator will manage your claim.

Hire a Top Los Angeles Work Injury Attorney

If you’ve been injured at work or from work-related duties, you have the right to file a claim against your employer. Our experienced work injury attorneys can help you navigate the complex legal process and get maximum compensation for your injuries.