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Burn injuries are some of the most painful experiences you can encounter. Serious burn injury victims often require medical attention, hospitalization, surgery, and long-term care. Treatment costs can add up to thousands of dollars and if long-term care is needed, that amount can easily exceed millions. If you or someone you know suffered a burn injury because of someone else’s wrongdoing or negligence, you may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

At Mesriani Law Group, our Los Angeles burn injury lawyers have helped hundreds of California victims recover damages for burns and other catastrophic injuries. With hundreds of millions of dollars in total recovery amount, our law firm has a proven success track record for helping clients obtain maximum settlement for their claims.

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    Award-Winning Burn Injury Lawyers

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    How a Mesriani Law Group Burn Injury Lawyer Can Help

    In California, the burden of proof is on the burn injury victim to prove that someone else’s negligence contributed to the injuries. If you believe that you were injured due to another person’s wrongdoing, contact a Los Angeles burn injury lawyer about your potential claim. Our experienced burn injury lawyer can review your case and inform you about the steps required to bring a personal injury lawsuit to obtain compensation.

    Holding an individual, property owner, or business responsible for burn injuries is a complex, legal process. Our Los Angeles burn injury attorneys can help you determine the best legal approach for your situation by:

    • Collecting relevant information to prove fault
    • Designing a legal strategy based on the facts and details of your case
    • Handling all legal paperwork and meeting all filing deadlines
    • Providing you with exceptional legal service, including keeping in contact throughout the entire process and answering any question you may have
    • Aggressively pursuing the maximum possible compensation for injuries

    Our lawyers have over two decades of experience helping burn injury victims obtain justice and we are confident we can help your case. California has a strict statute of limitations for personal injury claims, so make sure you speak with an attorney as soon as possible before the deadline. Contact our law firm today for your free consultation.


    Why Choose Mesriani Law Group

    While there may be numerous legal counsel options for burn injury claims, choosing the right representation for your specific situation is essential to obtaining successful results. At Mesriani Law Group, we provide our clients with the following:

    No Win No Fee Policy

    At Mesriani Law Group, we have a No Win No Fee guarantee. You don’t pay us anything if we don’t win your case.

    Proven Track Record

    Mesriani Law Group was founded in 1996 and since then, it has maintained its outstanding reputation of recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for its clients.

    Experienced Burn Injury Attorneys in Los Angeles

    Rodney Mesriani and his team of highly skilled and accomplished lawyers have over two decades of experience among them and are thoroughly dedicated to fighting for victims that received burn injuries due to someone else’s negligence or wrongdoing.

    Satisfied Clientele

    Mesriani Law Group represents clients all over Southern California and have been given the highest ratings as seen in Yelp, AVVO, Google, and alike. Direct communication and superior customer service is what our firm is known for.

    Multilingual Staff

    The firm’s multilingual team also speaks Farsi, Spanish, and Tagalog. Our professional and gracious staff are pleased to answer any queries you may have.

    Available 24/7

    We are available 24/7 to give consultation over the phone and if our clients are unable to meet at our office, we are amenable to meet you at your convenience.

    What to Do After Suffering a Bad Burn Injury

    First-degree or minor burns, although they can still hurt, can generally be treated at home. However, more serious burns like second or third-degree burns, may require medical attention. Victims of serious burns may be entitled to compensation for their injuries. If you’ve been hurt in a burn accident, make sure to take the appropriate steps after the injury including:

    • Documenting the accident – With as much detail as possible, write down how the accident occurred. Make note of the date, time, and the source of the burn such as chemicals, heat, electricity, or liquid. If you were using a product, write down the type of product, brand name, where you purchased it, and document how you were using the product. If possible, take pictures of your injuries, product, and surrounding environment.
    • Seeking immediate medical attention – Bad burns typically require medical attention as soon as possible. Victims suffering from second and third-degree burns should go to the hospital for a full diagnosis and burn injury treatment.
    • Contacting a burn injury lawyer – As soon as possible, contact an experienced Los Angeles burn injury lawyer who can guide you with the appropriate next steps. A burn injury lawyer can help identify all the negligent parties responsible for your injuries. A lawyer can manage your case by filing a personal injury claim against the party at fault while you focus on your recovery.

    Suffering from a bad burn injury can cause a major disruption in your life. You may have to take time off work to recover and refrain from participating in normal everyday activities. If your burn injury was the result of someone’s else negligence or wrongdoing, you may be entitled to compensation. A burn injury attorney can identify all types of damages you’re owed and help obtain a fair settlement amount.


    Who is Liable in an Accident that Results in a Burn Injury?

    In California, liability generally is based on negligence, product defects, or premises liability. Injured victims and their loved ones can file a burn injury lawsuit based on the following:

    • Negligence – Wrongful act of an individual, company, or group that caused harm to someone else. The injured victim must prove the elements of negligence including duty of care, breach of duty of care, causation, and damages.
    • Product defects – If a company sells a product that caused a burn injury, the company may be liable. Product defects can include manufacturing defects, design defects, or warning defects. With a product liability lawsuit for burn injuries, a victim needs to prove that the defendant manufactured, designed, distributed, or sold the defective product; the product contained a warning defect; the product was used by the victim in a reasonably foreseeable way; and that the product defection was a substantial factor that caused the victim’s injury.
    • Premises liability – A property owner may be liable for damages if a burn accident happened on their property. Under California premises liability laws, a property owner must keep their property in reasonably safe conditions.

    Fire Safety Standards Designed to Protect Against Burn Injuries

    In California, all commercial properties, businesses, and industries must obey regulations defined by Title 8 Subchapter 7 of the California Code of Regulations (CCR). This safety order outlines the minimum safety and occupational health standards and helps keep residents, employees, and patrons safe.


    Apartment building owners must follow specific state and federal laws to protect employees, residents, and visitors from harm. If you suffered serious burn injuries in an apartment complex, contact a burn injury lawyer to discuss your legal options. Burn victims have the right to file a burn injury claim against the negligent parties and may receive compensation for their losses.


    Hotel owners must abide by specific fire code regulations to prevent avoidable fires that may result in serious injury or death. Failure to do so and they may be held liable for damages.

    Entertainment Venues and Retail Centers

    Entertainment venues and large retail centers can typically accommodate large crowds. Unfortunately, fires in these settings can have devastating consequences. Like apartments and hotels, entertainment venues and retail centers must follow specific fire and safety regulations. Additionally, they must have clearly marked exit signs where patrons can safely exit the building in the event of a fire or emergency. Victims who suffered a burn injury because of inadequate emergency exit procedures may be entitled to file a personal injury claim.


    Employers are required to keep their workplaces reasonably safe and must protect employees from foreseeable harm. If you were injured in a fire or burn injury at work, you may be entitled to compensation.


    Types of Burn Injury Lawsuits

    The type of burn injury lawsuit you are eligible to file depends on the circumstances around your burn injury accident. A Los Angeles burn injury attorney can review your situation and help you determine the type of lawsuit you’re eligible for such as:


    Negligence and Burn Injuries 

    When a person, company, or group causes harm to someone else as the result of a wrongful act, they may be held negligent for their actions. To successfully pursue an injury claim, the burn injury victim must prove the following 4 elements of negligence:

    • Duty of care – Defendant owed the victim a legal duty of care and arises when there’s a relationship between two parties. Due to this relationship, one party has the legal obligation to exercise a reasonable level of care to the other person as someone else would in a similar circumstance.
    • Breach of duty of care – Defendant breached the duty of care by doing or not doing something a reasonable person would do in a similar situation.
    • Causation – This requires the victim to show that the defendant’s breach of duty was the cause of the victim’s injury and loss.
    • Damages – The final element of negligent requires the victim to prove that they suffered an injury or loss that a reasonable person in a similar circumstance could expect monetary compensation as the only form of relief for those injuries. Some of these damages are medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more.

    California is a comparative negligence state. This means that a burn injury victim may still recover partial damages even if they are proven to be partially at fault for the accident. If you’ve suffered injuries from a burn accident, a Los Angeles burn injury attorney can help determine the damages you may be entitled to.


    Premises Liability and Burn Injuries

    According to California premises liability law, property owners are legally required to keep their property in reasonably safe conditions. This means that property owners have a duty of care to keep their property free from hazardous conditions, repair any of these hazardous conditions, or at the very least provide sufficient warnings about these hazardous or dangerous conditions on the property. If a burn injury accident happened due to a hazard on their property, they may be liable for damages.


    Faulty Products and Burn Injuries

    If you’ve suffered burn injuries as the result of a faulty product, you may be entitled to a faulty product lawsuit. In California, product liability laws hold anyone involved in the chain of distribution strictly liable for injuries resulted from a faulty product including the manufacturers, product designers, or sellers.


    Workplace Burn Injuries

    California employers are legally responsible for providing workers with safe working conditions. If you suffered a burn injury while on the job, you have the right to file a worker’s compensation claim to recover damages. Employees aren’t required to prove an employer’s negligence or file a lawsuit for workers’ compensation. However, typically employees would not be entitled to non-economic damages.

    To pursue other types of damages, a burn injury employee has the option of filing a personal injury claim if their accident:

    • Was caused by a third party
    • Was caused by deliberate harmful actions
    • Was worsen by actions or circumstances hidden by the employer
    • Is not covered by workers compensation because the employer does not offer it

    An experienced California attorney burn injury attorney could help you file a workplace injury claim if you suffered injuries from a burn accident at work.


    Wrongful Death Caused by Burn Injuries

    In the most tragic situations, victims may die from getting trapped in a fire or pass away after they have suffered from severe burns. According to The National Fire Incident Reporting System, there was an average of 2.6 deaths and 10.0 injuries per 1,000 all fire causalities in 2019. In that same year, there was a national average of 6.2 deaths and 25.6 injuries per 1,000 residential structure fires. 

    California law allows for certain surviving family members to file a wrongful death claim if a loved one was killed from a fire accident. Generally, the surviving family members who are entitled to file a wrongful death claim include:

    • Spouse
    • Domestic partner
    • Children
    • Grandchildren (if the deceased did not have children or they are already deceased)
    • Anyone who is entitled to the decedent’s property (in accordance with California’s intestate succession laws)

    Filing a wrongful death lawsuit is the best way for surviving family members to recover damages for their losses and to hold the responsible party liable for their actions. Examples of damages that may be recovered in a wrongful death lawsuit include:

    • Funeral costs
    • Burial costs
    • Medical expenses
    • Lost wages
    • Loss of financial support (that would have been provided by the deceased if they were still alive)
    • Loss of affection, guidance, companionship, and support
    • Pain and suffering

    California follows a strict deadline for filing wrongful death claims. Generally, the lawsuit must be filed within two years of the injury or death. Wrongful death lawsuits are highly complex, and any delay or issues may jeopardize your ability to recover compensation. If you lost a loved one from a fire accident due to someone else’s wrongdoing, seek legal assistance from a Los Angeles burn injury lawyer as soon as possible. Once the statute of limitations expired, your claim will no longer be valid, and you will no longer have the right to seek compensation.


    Common Causes of Burn Injuries

    According to the American Burn Association (ABA), each year over 450,000 serious burn injuries happen in the U.S. that require medical treatment. Depending on the severity, burns can affect more than just the skin but can also affect the nerves, blood vessels, muscles, and bones. Burns can affect the body’s physical appearance as well as psychological well-being. Here are some common causes of burn injuries:

    • Apartment and house fires – Fires in apartments and houses can be caused by various reasons including broken smoke detectors, faulty kitchen equipment, or faulty wiring. Victims who suffered burn injuries in an apartment or house may be entitled to file a personal injury claim against the landlord or responsible party.
    • Car and truck parts and fires – Due to an accident, mechanical failure, part overheating. Significant burns can come from being directly exposed to flames in an accident or to extremely hot discharge from an overheating radiator.
    • Chemical burns – From exposure to acids and irritants. Can result from exposure to a various substance commonly found in the workplace, home, and surrounding environment.
    • Children playing with matches – One of the most common causes of burn injuries are the result of children playing with matches. Often, they’re simply fascinated with the fire and don’t fully understand the dangers of it. Prevent burn injuries by teaching children about the dangers and proper use of matches.
    • Defective products – Faulty products can severely injure the user. Common defective products include:
      • Children’s toys – Examples of children toys and products that may be a fire hazard include food or bottle warmers, nightlights, trampolines, magnets, toy guns, clothing made of flammable material, and motorized ride-on toys.
      • Flammable clothing – Acrylic, linen, and cotton are some of the most flammable types of fabric. Once they catch fire, the flames can spread very rapidly causing serious damage.
      • Beauty products – Products for hair, nails, or skin can cause injury or burn the skin. Skin products potassium hydroxide and salicylic acid can cause severe burns, scarring, and nerve damage.
      • Heating pads – Poorly manufactured or defective heating pads and easily catch on fire since they release heat. For example, a defective heating pad may not turn off automatically which can burn the user while he or she is sleeping. Failure to provide proper instructions or adequate warnings can also increase the risk of injury to the user.
    • Home appliances – Both small and large appliances including space heaters can cause residential fires resulting in burn injuries or death.
    • Electrocutions or explosions – Electrical fires usually start with some sort of electrical failure or short, causing surrounding plastic housing to melt. Exposed power lines can cause electrocutions if contact is made while trying to fight an electrical fire.
    • Furniture and mattresses – As of 2007, mattresses are required to meet fire safety standards set by the S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Failure to do so poses an increased risk to consumers including burn accidents and property damage.
    • Kitchen & cooking accidents – Incidents in the kitchen are some of the leading causes of burns due to several ignition sources, foods being cooked at high heats, and potential for malfunction or disaster.
    • Smoking and ashtrays – A leading cause of home fires are from smoking and ashtrays. Prevent hot ash buildup by emptying trays frequently and ensure the cigarette is completely put out before walking away.
    • Vehicle fires – There’s more than 170,000 highway vehicle fires in the United States each year. Although they may occur less frequently than other types of fires, vehicle fires are more likely to cause fatalities. Most vehicle fires start in the engine or wheel area, passenger compartment, and trunk or cargo area.
    • Workplace accidents – Explosions, hazardous chemicals, or machinery defects can easily cause workplace burn injuries. If an employer failed to maintain a safe working environment, they may be held liable for any injuries sustained by workers.

    Types of Burn Injuries

    There’s a wide range of burn injuries a victim can sustain including:

    • Chemical burns – From contact with a corrosive substance
    • Contact burns – From direct contact with hot liquids
    • Electrical burns – resulting from contact with a power line or defective product
    • Explosions – Burn injury at a workplace or motor vehicle
    • Flame burns – From fire
    • Scalds burns – From hot liquids
    • Steam burns – From appliances under extreme steam pressure
    • Thermal burns – From contact with flames or hot objects

    Levels of Burn Injuries

    Depending on the accident, victims may sustain different types of burn injuries. There are four levels of burn injuries which include:

    • First-degree burn – These are the most common types of burn injuries. First-degree burns can happen when you get sunburned or when you touch a hot plate. First-degree burns may cause some discomfort, blisters, and inflammation. They’re usually treatable at home and do not require treatment by a medical professional.
    • Second-degree burn – Damages the outer and inner layer of the skin. Second-degree burns cause more damage and pain than first-degree burns. These injuries can result from contact with extremely hot water, chemicals, or other heat source such as a stove or oven. Pain can be severe, and blisters may develop. Second-degree burns may require medical attention depending on the location and size of burn.
    • Third-degree burn – Also referred to as full-thickness burn, this type of injury destroys the outer and inner layers of the skin. Muscles, nerve endings, tendons, and bones may also get damaged. The skin may look dark red or white or yellow, leathery, and dry. Third-degree burns are serious injuries and require immediate medical attention. Victims with full-thickness burns may not feel hurt because the burn damages nerve endings in the skin which is responsible for sensing pain. These injuries are potentially life-threatening and require immediate medical attention.
    • Fourth-degree burn – The deepest and most severe type of burn. Fourth-degree burns destroy all layers of the skin, underlying tissues, and possibly the muscle and bone. These injuries are dangerously life-threatening and require immediate medical attention.

    Severity of Burn Injuries

    The severity of the overall burn injury is dependent on how much of the body is impacted. The measurement used to measure the size of injury is total body surface area (TBSA).

    • Minor burns:
      • <10% TBSA on adult
      • <5% TBSA on minor or elderly
      • < 2% full thickness burn
      • Can be treated at home or at doctor’s office
    • Moderate burns:
      • 10 – 20% TBSA on adult
      • 5 – 10% TBSA on minor or elderly
      • 2 – 5% full thickness burn
      • Should be treated at hospital
    • Major burns:
      • >20% TBSA on adult
      • >10% TBSA on minor or elderly
      • >5 % full thickness burn
      • Should be treated at specialized burn unit at hospital

    Getting Treatment for Burn Injuries

    Each year, more than 450,000 serious burn injuries happen in the U.S. that require medical treatment. When a victim’s skin gets burned, nerve endings get damaged causing pain. Depending on the severity of the burn, injuries may lead to infection because of damage to the skin’s protective barrier.

    Treatment for burn injuries depends on the burn type:

    • First-degree or minor burns – Are generally treatable at home. Victims may also take over-the-counter pain medications to help ease pain.
    • Second-degree burns – Many second-degree burns may also be treated at home. Victims may rinse the skin with cool water until the pain stops, usually in about 15 to 20 minutes. Clean the burn with water. Apply a bandage if the skin has broken or blisters. For more severe second-degree burns, seek treatment at a medical facility.
    • Third and fourthdegree burns – Treatment for serious burns will depend on the severity of the burn, which is determined by the amount of body surface area affected. The burn severity will be determined by your doctor and treatment may include cleaning and debriding (removal of dead skin and tissue from burned area), IV fluids containing electrolytes, antibiotic creams or ointments, and pain medications.

    Children with third or fourth-degree burns may require skin grafting, a procedure where a piece of the unburned skin is surgically removed to cover a burned area. Burn victims with serious injury may need physical therapy to minimize scarring and to keep the injured areas flexible.


    What Happens to Burn Injury Victims?

    Depending on the severity of the burn, injured victims may require various types of medical care and treatment. With proper medical and nursing care, along with physical therapy and psychological services, even patients who suffered burns covering 90% of their bodies can survive. However, surviving these serious injuries costs victims a great deal of financial damage including lost income, medical expenses, and more. In addition to physical injuries, burned victims are often also affected emotionally and psychologically.


    Burns Can Cause Lasting Injuries

    Serious burn injury victims endure some of the most painful symptoms thinkable. Additionally, some victims may have to live the rest of their lives with permanent disfigurement, scars, or disability. Many victims also suffer lifelong emotional and psychological trauma preventing them from enjoying the same activities they used to.

    Victims of severe burn injuries may suffer for the rest of their lives with various incapacities including:

    • Brain damage
    • Lung damage
    • Muscle damage
    • Disfigurement and scars
    • Infection
    • Loss of mobility
    • Skin grafting

    Unfortunately, burn injuries don’t always heal completely. While each burn injury victim’s experience may differ, some of the most common complications from burn injuries include:

    • Infections – Skin infections can spread beyond the skin and into the victim’s bloodstream. Includes infections from bacteria and sepsis.
    • Fragile skin – After burn damage, the skin may not fully deal and may thin out. Fragile skin is more suspectable to damage for the rest of the victim’s life.
    • Bone and joint problems – Even if the burn injury didn’t directly damage tendons and ligaments, scarred skin can affect these tissues. Unfortunately, this can leave victims with ongoing complications with joint movement.
    • Breathing problems – Lung damage or smoke inhalation can damage a victim’s breathing and may require respiratory therapy.
    • Scars – Burn damage can cause the victim’s skin to scar and contract. When this happens, the victim will typically need to undergo surgery to replace or graft the skin.
    • Psychological damage – Many burn injury patients suffer from emotional and mental trauma after their accident.

    Lifetime Costs for Burn Injuries

    Treatment costs for burn injuries can add up to millions of dollars, mainly due to the long-term or life-long complications. In 2000, the National Business Group on Health reported that fires and burns resulted in $6.2 billion in productivity losses. Adjusted for inflation in 2021, that’s approximately $9.4 billion. Productivity losses are highest among men aged 24-44 years old and women aged 45-64 years old. According to the same source, although hospitalizations for burns only represent 1 percent of all injuries in the United States, treatments cost more than $10.4 billion each year.

    Total hospital treatments costs for all burn injuries are approximately $10 billion each year. Treatment costs beyond a victim’s initial hospitalization can increase exponentially as the victim deals with complications such as infections and other life-changing effects of burn injuries. Provided these statistics, an average working person can expect to lose almost as much in wages as they’re required to spend on medical care.

    The National Business Group on Health also provided the following estimate treatment costs:

    • Infections (which occur in about one-third of severe burn cases) can add up to more than $120,000 to treatment costs.
    • Fragile skin can add over $107,000 to treatment costs.
    • Skin contracture or scarring can add over $35,000 to treatment costs.
    • Delayed healing or a failed skin graft surgery can add over $110,000 to treatment costs.
    • Psychological counseling can add over $75,000 to treatment costs.

    Burn injury treatment costs can easily add up. With more serious injuries, the total costs can exceed millions of dollars. Due to this, it’s important for burn injury victims to obtain the best legal representation possible to obtain fair settlement amount for their injuries.


    Compensation for Burn Injuries

    At Mesriani Law Group, our goal is to help our clients move forward with their lives after a serious accident. Our experienced Los Angeles burn injury lawyers diligently handle each burn injury case and provide personalized client care. As a client with our law firm, we will evaluate your losses and provide you with an estimate of your burn injury claim’s worth. Compensation for burn injuries may include economic and non-economic damages including:

    • Past and future medical expenses
    • Lost wages
    • Property repairs or replacement
    • Court courts
    • Legal fees
    • Physical pain
    • Pain and suffering
    • Emotional suffering
    • Disfigurement or permanent scarring
    • Punitive damages

    Economic damages relatively simple to calculate since they’re verifiable amounts. Non-economic damages are more subjective and do not come with objective documentations. For that reason, non-economic damages are more difficult to calculate. However, when a burn injury victim’s life gets compromised due to a serious injury, they deserve compensation for their losses. Our experienced burn injury attorneys have extensive experience handling burn injury claims and can help calculate the total amount of economic and non-economic damages you may be entitled to. We’ve successfully recovered maximum compensation for our burn injury clients and can help you obtain similar results.


    Contact a Mesriani Burn Lawyer Today for a Consultation

    Selecting the right burn injury lawyer is one of the most important decisions you may need to make. To obtain maximize your chances of obtaining the best results, you’ll want to hire a burn injury attorney with extensive knowledge and experience winning burn injury cases. Our personal injury law firm has over two decades of experience successfully helping burn victims recover a fair and full compensation award. Contact our law firm today for your free consultation. We can help you obtain the best results for your case and offer our clients a no win no fee guarantee. Regardless of the complexities or value of your case, you don’t have to pay us anything if we’re unable to provide you with the justice you deserve.

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    Burn Lawyer FAQs

    Yes. If you were hurt in a burn accident on someone’s else property, the property owner may be responsible for injuries. Based on California premise liability laws, property owners must keep their property in reasonable safe conditions. Anyone who is injured in a burn accident as the result of someone else’s intentional wrongdoing or negligence may file a burn injury lawsuit. 

    If you’re wondering if it’s worth hiring a personal injury lawyer, then the answer is yes. Having an injury lawyer significantly increases your chances of winning your case and obtaining the maximum compensation for your injuries. Personal injury is a highly complex area of law and to recover damages, you will need a thorough understanding of state and federal personal injury laws.

    Trauma is defined as an emotional response to a horrible event like an accident. Burns accidents are considered trauma that can affect any person, at any time, and any place. A burn is defined as damage to the tissue caused by an outside source such as chemicals, electricity, heat, sunlight, or nuclear radiation. There are varying degrees of burns, including first, second, third, and fourth degree. Fourth degree is the highest level of burn and the most severe. It is often life-threatening, and the burn destroys all layers of the skin, muscles, bones, and tendons.

    The 4 causes of burn injuries include electrical burns, thermal contact, chemicals, and smoke inhalation. Electrical burns can happen when a victim hinders with an electric current such as gripping an exposed wire. Thermal burns can happen as the result of direct contact with an open heat source like fire, boiling liquid, or steam. When a corrosive substance comes into contact with soft tissue like your eyes, skin, or internal organs, it can cause chemical burns. Inhaling heavy smoke can damage your lungs and block your airways. Smoke can still suffocate you even if you aren’t exposed to burns directly.

    Absolutely No Fee Unless We Win Your Case

    Mesriani Law Group has over two decades of experience in protecting victims of personal injury accidents as well as employment and labor law violations in California.

    Through our wealth of experience, we understand that the main reason why victims of accidents or of unjust treatment by employers are hesitant to file cases or claim damages against the parties at fault, and this is because of the high legal fees.

    In order to resolve this matter and help more people get the best compensation they deserve against the people who caused their injuries, pain and suffering and losses, we decided to offer a No Win No Fee guarantee to all our clients. This means that you don’t have to pay us anything for our top legal services, regardless of the complexities of your claims, if we are not able to provide you with the justice you deserve.

    We offer this because we are confident that our experience, expertise and dedication will always translate in getting the maximum compensation you deserve at the swiftest possible time. Call our top personal injury attorneys right away for your personal injury accidents or our best employment and labor law attorneys in California for any employee related concerns and we’ll assure you of nothing but the best legal service and personalized client care you deserve.

    What Our Clients Have To Say

    I cannot emphasize enough the level of their professionalism and effectiveness. It was great working with Rodney and the whole team at the Mesriani Law Group. The compensation they got me was more than I expected. I highly recommend them. With the Mesriani Law Group you’ll be in the right hands when you have an accident. They’ll take care of your case like no one else and get the maximum that you deserve.

    George Yadegar

    After contacting many different lawyers and law firms to discuss my legal issue, I was lucky enough to come across Mesriani Law Group. They took the time to listen to all the details of my case patiently & kept me updated through out the process on a regular basis. His team was very responsive and accessible both via email and phone. Rodney Mesriani and his team did a fantastic job. Let me add that Cory, Stephan and Brandon were very helpful along the way.
    Highly recommend this law firm.

    Ali Daneshgar

    My insurance gave me the run around for a horrible car accident I was involved in. I was getting so frustrated until i contacted Rodney and his team. Not only was his staff super professional, they actually cared and followed up with me. My case has been settled and I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully I don’t get into any more accidents but if I do, I know where to go. Thanks for having my back Rodney!!!

    Maya R.

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