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Absolutely No Fee Unless We Win Your Case

Hiring an employment or personal injury attorney in Los Angeles is expensive. The litigation costs can be unaffordable to many people, even if they have a solid case. Not only that, there are other factors that come into play as well: victims of employment violations are afraid to speak out and people who suffer from personal injuries may not know what to do.

To help more people with their employment and personal injury cases, Mesriani Law Group offers No Win, No Fee representation and litigation services. This means our lawyers only get paid if you win.


How “No Win, No Fee” Lawyers Can Help You

Financial settlements or rewards are granted in litigation. For “No Win, No Fee” Lawyers, all the expenses for our services are contingent upon a successful case. After representing you in court, your fees for our service will come from the settlement that you win. The percentage we gain from the settlement will depend on the conditional fee agreed upon before we accept the case.

Because the relief you gain from the incident is important, it’s vital for you to receive a just and favorable settlement amount. Your compensation must be enough to cover the financial losses you’ve suffered.

Legal professionals evaluate the potential financial award of a case to see if it can cover the cost of their services. They also account for other factors that you can claim against a third party, such as loss of income, emotional distress, pain and suffering, to name a few. Evidence is then presented to the court to support these claims, which is essential for you to get rewarded.

Reaching a settlement out of court is also an option. By doing so, you avoid spending more money on other expensive legal fees. Even though this can decrease the amount of the settlement you get, it also diminishes the risk of losing in court. This is why negotiating a settlement is the best option for all parties.


The Benefits of Hiring “No Win, No Fee” Lawyers

The best thing about a No Win, No Fee policy is that it can be used in virtually every personal injury and employment law violation case in California. This means you can claim compensation from road accidents, slip and fall incidents, negligence, medical malpractice, public liability issues, and many more. You can also be assured that attorneys who exercise this policy practice honest work and convincing judgment.


Our Lawyers Only Get Paid If You Win

Mesriani Law Group has over 20 years of experience in handling personal injury and employment law violations in California. We believe that victims of injustice deserve to receive the best compensation from people who’ve caused them pain, suffering, and losses. But over the years of handling numerous cases, our seasoned lawyers understand why many victims hesitate to file such cases. And one of the many reasons for this is the expensive legal fees.

To help address this matter, all of our lawyers adhere to a No Win, No Fee guarantee policy. So if we are unable to bring justice to your case, you’ll still enjoy our top legal services for free.

At Mesriani Law Group, we are confident that our years of experience, expert knowledge, and dedication to justice bring success to the cases we handle. We make sure that our clients acquire maximum compensation and get back on their feet as soon as possible.


Free Legal Consultation from MLG

Not only do we follow a No Win, No Fee policy, Mesriani Law Group also provides free legal consultation. We specialize in handling California employment law violations and personal injury accidents.


Employment Law

Mesriani Law Group is committed to assisting and serving victims of workplace harassment and discrimination, among other labor law violations. We understand that the rights of employees get violated all the time, and many victims stay silent because they don’t know what to do. And throughout the years, our lawyers have experienced various cases both simple and complex.

There are many California labor laws and employee rights that get violated. Below are some of the incidences and cases that occur in Los Angeles:

  • Employers or colleagues harassing an employee for no reason.
  • Bosses retaliating against their employees for whistle blowing.
  • Employees not getting their rightful benefits such as overtime pay, breaks, sick leaves, vacation leaves, holiday leaves, severance packages, and more.
  • Employers violating an employee’s rights to minimum wage.
  • Mistreatment or discrimination of employees based on age, race, gender, disability, religion, pregnancy status, nationality, and more.

So if you think your rights are being violated at work, you can get free legal consultation from Mesriani Law Group and know what steps to take to pursue your claims.


Personal Injury

The personal injury attorneys of MLG understand that many accidents happen in Los Angeles. And all of us are committed to helping victims who have suffered from car crashes, medical malpractice, premise liabilities, construction hazards, burn injuries, and general negligence, to name a few.

In any of these cases, know that you have the right to claim damages against the party at fault. To acquire the best compensation, there are a few things that you must remember to start your personal injury claim:

  • You are responsible for proving your claim against the other party.
  • Identify all of the injuries and damage you’ve sustained. These include physical, emotional, and psychological pain, along with property damage.
  • Gather evidence, including pictures of the scene and CCTV footage, if there are any.
  • Acquire the information of the other party and provide yours as well.
  • Look for witnesses and obtain their information as well.

Know that seeking medical attention immediately is also important. Request for your medical records and keep the bills as well to present the amount of your claim. But most of all, understand that you should never negotiate your claim with the other party on your own. Our personal injury lawyers will gladly assist you throughout the process and help you get the compensation you deserve.


Hire No Win, No Fee Lawyers in California

Contact our top employment law and personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles. Our professionals will accommodate you throughout the legal process. We are dedicated to providing free legal consultation and guarantee you a No Win, No Fee service no matter the complexity of your case.

At Mesriani Law Group, we provide nothing but top-notch legal service and personalized care for all of our clients.

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