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Modern workplace employment laws prohibit discriminatory practices as they pertain to an individual’s color, race, nation of origin, ethnicity, sex, gender orientation, religion, age, disability, and familial status. These laws protect individuals from discrimination and prejudice in the workplace regardless of if it is committed by another employee, management, or even a 3rd party that is working with the employer. Workplace civil rights discrimination cases can be complex and will often require an experienced workplace civil rights discrimination lawyer. If you have been a victim of workplace discrimination or have been retaliated against for workplace discrimination, it is time to call Mesriani Law Group for a consultation to discuss your case.

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    What is Workplace Civil Rights Discrimination?

    Civil rights are people’s moral and legal entitlement given and authorized by the power of the state. This refers to the equality of social opportunities and protection regardless of the personal classification and preference of all individuals, may it be within society or the workplace.

    Workplace civil rights discrimination pertains to the prejudice or unfair treatment by the employer to an applicant or employee concerning his or her heritage, skin color, religion and beliefs, gender and sexual preference, nationality, disability, age, or civil status in the aspect of employment such as hiring, promotions, training, benefits, termination, and other employment conditions.

    Such unlawful behavior is punishable by law, and if you are a victim of such an unfortunate circumstance the best step would be to seek legal assistance from a competent and trusted law firm like Mesriani Law Group. With the help of our skilled employment discrimination lawyer, you can be confident in being well guided in filing a lawsuit and in claiming the maximum compensation you deserve from your unjust employer.


    How Mesriani Law Group Can Help in a Workplace Civil Rights Discrimination Case

    Despite numerous successes made by civil rights movements throughout history and up to the present, inequality and civil rights discrimination in every part of the country are still prevalent. Seeking legal help and hiring a skilled and trustworthy attorney is always the first step that you should take if you have been a victim of civil rights discrimination at the workplace.

    At Mesriani Law Group, we fight fervently to give you the maximum compensation for your pain and suffering due to your employer’s civil rights violation. We keep ourselves constantly updated with the laws and state regulations about civil rights, on top of other legal tasks that are relevant to your case to ensure the most favorable settlement. If you have concerns regarding your civil rights being violated at work, call us at 866-500-7070 or message us online for a free consultation.

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    At Mesriani Law Group, we have a No Win No Fee guarantee. You don’t pay us anything if we don’t win your case.

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    Mesriani Law Group was founded in 1996 and since then, it has maintained its outstanding reputation of recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for its clients.

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    Rodney Mesriani and his team of highly skilled and accomplished lawyers have over two decades of experience among them and are thoroughly dedicated to fighting against workplace civil rights discrimination.

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    What to Do if You’re a Victim of Civil Rights Discrimination

    There may be several laws and state regulations that criminalize the employer for violating the employee’s civil rights, but sadly it does not stop such circumstances from happening. A great number of employees who fall victim to such discrimination do not know what to do about it nor perceive that their civil rights were violated.

    Your civil rights at work refers to your right to a safe workplace, free from hostility and discrimination. If these rights are violated, then you have probable cause for legal action and can take the following steps:

    • Documenting (writing down notes or keeping a journal) the unlawful acts of your employer showing you are being discriminated against
    • Gathering any other substantial evidence (co-workers as witnesses, video footage, taking pictures if possible) to prove your employer’s violations
    • Reaching out to HR and filing an internal complaint
    • Seeking legal counsel from a skilled and trusted Los Angeles racial discrimination lawyer

    What Do You Need to Prove in a Workplace Civil Rights Claim?

    For your workplace civil rights case to be successful, you need to prove certain basic legal elements to support your claim. These include the following:

    • Your civil rights were violated by your employer or at work by a coworker, manager, or 3rd party contracted by your employer
    • Employment documents showing that you are competent with your work
    • The way the civil rights violation was carried out
    • The damages and consequences of your employer’s disregard for civil rights protection policies

    Having credible proof of your employer’s violation is an essential element to support your claim and lawsuit. There are two types of evidence that can show proof:

    1. Direct Evidence: includes credible statements by your managers or supervisors who can precisely describe the unlawful actions taken against you at the workplace which may or may not affect them in some way. This can be in the form of cruel comments that discriminate against you through email, letters, memos, or notes. An example would be, being let go by your employer because of your age and they wanted to replace you with a younger employee for cheaper pay. This is direct evidence that your class status was the cause of your unlawful termination.
    2. Indirect Evidence: includes a fact or a set of facts that can be used as proof that you are discriminated against by your employer. It includes testimonies from your co-workers that they saw or heard a possible unlawful act by your employer against you. An example would be a co-worker hearing your employer by chance of cursing and bad-mouthing against you because of your race and terminating you because of it.       

    Civil Rights Discrimination Victims We Can Help

    Mesriani Law Group represents the people of California regardless of their social standing in various industries. For instance, in the field of employment and labor, we offer legal counsel and representation on all levels of employees who have been victims of civil rights discrimination and unlawful treatment in the workplace, wrongful termination, a class-action lawsuit, and other work-related discrimination issues. We understand that your job is your means of securing the necessities of life, and having your civil rights violated should not be the reason you quit or concede to such unlawful treatment and discrimination. Mesriani Law Group passionately fights for your right to fair treatment and equal pay ensuring the maximum compensation you deserve.


    Types of Workplace Civil Rights Discrimination

    Majority of cases filed regarding civil rights discrimination that happen at the workplace are related to unfair employment practices in:

    • Hiring
    • Firing
    • Promotion
    • Income
    • Assignments
    • Training
    • Benefits

    When unfair treatment is applied to a protected class based on the qualities that define that protected class, these actions or inactions become unlawful.


    Discriminating against an employee because of their gender and sexual orientation or preference, along with its stereotyping assumption on job performance just because of gender. An example would be the job post for a construction worker which usually entails hard manual labor, a woman applicant is usually discriminated against due to profiling that women are weaker than men.


    Discriminating against an employee or an applicant because of their pregnancy. Most of the time female employees or applicants are deemed to be treated as if with an ailment that would affect the efficiency of workload because of pregnancy. The presumption of being frail, slow, and unproductive due to pregnancy results in less pay and possible unlawful termination. An example would be a woman employee in line for a promotion but because of being pregnant, it was given to another employee since she would soon be filing for pregnancy leave.


    Discriminating against an employee or applicant because of age is illegal and punishable by law. Employees aged 40 years old and older must receive the same benefits and rights as other younger employees have. An example would be an applicant aged 50 years old seeking an internship with an IT company that was screened out and not given even a chance for an interview, since typically the IT industry generally attracts fast-paced young individuals.


    Discriminating against an employee or applicant with a disability is illegal under the ADA (The Americans with Disability Act of 1990). Under ADA, employers are penalized for refusing to hire qualified individuals to work due to solely their disability. Furthermore, in compliance with the ADA, employers are required to provide accommodation for the employee’s disability, unless if with an unreasonable expense to the employer. An example would be an employee who uses a wheelchair to get around who is not provided the accommodations to move around resulting in difficulty for the employee.


    Discriminating against an employee or applicant because of their ethnicity refers to the person’s national origin or ancestry, skin color, accent, and personal characteristics, appearance, and customs. An example would be an applicant who was a strong candidate for the hiring position due to his credentials but as soon as they saw his nation of origin, they immediately took him out of the applicant list.


    Discriminating against an employee or applicant because of their religion, beliefs, customs, and affiliation. The employer is required by law to give reasonable accommodation to the employee’s religious customs. An example would be a Muslim employee during the month of Ramadan who needs to pray at several intervals in a day. The employer must fairly accommodate the employee’s religious practices without any prejudice that may affect his/her employment.


    Why Do Civil Rights Violations Happen in the Workplace?

    Although it is general knowledge that all employees have civil rights, it is still common to have those rights violated and disregarded. Knowing your civil rights as an employee and the laws that protect your rights, is of great importance in fighting off discrimination from a hostile workplace. With this said, civil rights violations happen in the workplace because of the following reasons:

    • The employer’s and employee’s ignorance of employment and labor laws
    • The employer’s prejudice towards the employee’s race, age, gender, religion, and personal differences
    • The employee’s apprehension in filing a complaint due to financial circumstances and the possibility of losing one’s source of income
    • The employee’s cluelessness of the legal processes involved in pursuing their civil rights
    • The lack of available resources for the employees to file a claim against their employers

    It is still best to consult with a hostile work environment lawyer to be fully aware of your rights and which legal action to take in pursuing a case and claiming the maximum compensation for your violated civil rights.


    What is the Impact of Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 on Employment?

    Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 criminalizes unlawful acts related to discrimination on ethnicity, skin color, sex, nation of origin, religion, gender, and sexual orientation in every employment condition. Thanks to this law, an employer with 15 or more employees is required to abide by the rules laid out by Title VII, which protects employees and job applicants from employment discrimination, giving more chances of fair employment for individuals seeking a livelihood. According to the rules stipulated in Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, an employer cannot:

    • Determine a decision on hiring an applicant based on his/her ethnicity, skin color, sex, nation of origin, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.
    • Base a selection for promotion or termination because of a stereotypical belief on the employee’s ethnicity, skin color, sex, nation of origin, religion, gender, and sexual orientation. The selection should be based on one’s performance and qualified credentials. This ruling also extends when assigning the employee’s work tasks.
    • Determine the employee’s pay, benefits, leaves, and retirement pay based on their ethnicity, skin color, sex, nation of origin, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.
    • Vent out discriminating remarks, bullying, and harassment solely because of the employee’s ethnicity, skin color, sex, nation of origin, religion, gender, and sexual orientation.

    These are just some of the common conditions that Title VII help protect in terms of employees’ civil rights embodied in employment and labor.


    Title VII Damages for Civil Rights Discrimination Claims

    If in such circumstance that an employee experienced his/her civil rights violated, in accordance with the rules stated in Title VII, the employee discriminated against may be entitled to the following:

    • Reinstatement of his/her job and possible promotion
    • Recovery of lost pay and other employment-related losses
    • An injunctive relief (obliging the employer to change the company’s policies to stop discrimination in the workplace)
    • Financial aid on lawyer fees

    The employee must register a formal complaint of the violation with the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission) before filing a lawsuit, then the EEOC determines whether there will be a sensible agreement between the employee and the employer. If there won’t be any agreement between the two parties then the EEOC can either initiate a civil lawsuit on behalf of the employee or have the employee proceed with a “right to sue” and hire a civil rights lawyer and proceed in filing a lawsuit.


    Workplace Civil Rights Discrimination Statute of Limitations

    A statute of limitations sets the maximum time that the parties involved in a dispute may proceed with a lawsuit based on the date of the alleged offense. And just like in any other type of case, in a civil rights violation claim, there’s a statute of limitation to follow, and as such the time limit depends on the severity of the situation and the laws that apply to it.

    For instance, in a workplace discrimination claim in the state of California, the employee may only have a year from the date of the alleged violation to file an administrative complaint with the DFEH (Department of Fair Employment and Housing) or file a lawsuit. To make sure you won’t miss any statutory deadlines, it is critical to file each complaint or lawsuit in a timely manner according to what is legally set. Protect your rights and timeline with guidance from a certified and accomplished Los Angeles Civil Rights Lawyer of Mesriani Law Group.


    Retaliation Against Workplace Civil Rights Discrimination Claims

    The basic factors to look out for to determine if you are experiencing workplace retaliation from your employer that was prompted by a civil rights discrimination complaint:

    1. Your employer is making unfavorable actions against you or treats you in a discriminatory manner creating a hostile workplace
    2. Your employer is limiting your option to exercise your legal rights by setting you in a hostile workplace making it unsurpassable that you are left with no choice but to resign
    3. Your employer wrongfully terminated you for participating in an investigation on discrimination or otherwise known as protected activity

    Similarly, the following protected activities by the employee that should not be violated or taken to retaliation by the employer are:

    • Pressing charges and filing an EEOC complaint or lawsuit
    • Talking with a supervisor or HR about discrimination or unlawful acts
    • Participating in an investigation against the employer’s discriminatory acts
    • Declining the employer’s commands to join in an activity that would lead to harassment or discrimination
    • Refusing and defending other co-workers from sexual offenses
    • Requesting accommodation for a disability
    • Requesting accommodation for a religious custom
    • Giving a statement as a part of an investigation against discrimination in the workplace

    When to Seek Help from Mesriani Law Group’s Workplace Civil Rights Lawyer

    Everyone deserves equal opportunities to have decent jobs and unprejudiced treatment at work. As an employee, facing harassment and discrimination is an ordeal that would be difficult to face alone. This shouldn’t be the case since there are laws that protect your civil rights at the workplace and a reliable civil rights attorney from Mesriani Law Group to help you. We make sure that you have the fighting chance to claim the proper and maximum compensation for all your damages, pain and suffering, and other losses caused by your employer. Give us a call today to get the proper legal counsel you need for the violation of your civil rights.

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    Workplace Civil Rights Discrimination FAQs

    A civil rights lawyer handles the non-criminal areas of a lawsuit such as drafting legal documents, researching for the claims, and arguing cases in court in terms of seeking compensation for the damages sustained from another party’s negligence.

    Civil rights discrimination includes discrimination against anyone based on race, color of their skin, nation of origin, religion, sex, gender orientation, age, disability, or familial / parental status. These are all protected classes that are shielded from prejudice in any aspect of workplace activity and employment.

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    Through our wealth of experience, we understand that the main reason why victims of accidents or of unjust treatment by employers are hesitant to file cases or claim damages against the parties at fault, and this is because of the high legal fees.

    In order to resolve this matter and help more people get the best compensation they deserve against the people who caused their injuries, pain and suffering and losses, we decided to offer a No Win No Fee guarantee to all our clients. This means that you don’t have to pay us anything for our top legal services, regardless of the complexities of your claims, if we are not able to provide you with the justice you deserve.

    We offer this because we are confident that our experience, expertise and dedication will always translate in getting the maximum compensation you deserve at the swiftest possible time. Call our top personal injury attorneys right away for your personal injury accidents or our best employment and labor law attorneys in California for any employee related concerns and we’ll assure you of nothing but the best legal service and personalized client care you deserve.

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