Nicki Malekadeli
December 4, 2019
All You Need to Know about the California Sick Leave Law

Getting sick is normal, but your employment doesn’t have to suffer because of it. Worrying...

Nicki Malekadeli
December 3, 2019
What Happens When Your Doctor Fails to Provide the Proper Standard of Care?

Medical practitioners continuously study and practice to provide the care that their patients deserve. However,...

Nicki Malekadeli
December 2, 2019
Breaking Down the Older Workers Benefit Protection Act

Employees above the age of 40 are vulnerable to discrimination. Some employers still choose to...

Nicki Malekadeli
November 29, 2019
What Constitutes as a Hostile Work Environment in California

Having disagreements with other people whom you interact with is normal. There will definitely be...

Nicki Malekadeli
November 28, 2019
Employers’ Guide to Pregnancy Accommodation

Pregnancy comes with various health implications. Employees who are pregnant and working at the same...

Nicki Malekadeli
November 27, 2019
MICRA Explained: Why Does California Cap its Medical Malpractice Damages?

Patients turn to their doctors and health care providers to treat their illnesses. However, unfortunate...

Nicki Malekadeli
November 26, 2019
Equal Pay for Equal Play: California Passes Law to End Gender Pay Gap in Sports

Pay disparity between men and women has been the norm for centuries. Despite today’s increasingly...

Nicki Malekadeli
November 25, 2019
Women in California are Still Struggling for Equal Pay

Women have always been at a disadvantage due to societal inequalities. They have faced prejudices...

Nicki Malekadeli
November 22, 2019
How Employers Should Respond During Wildfires

Wildfires have scorched acres of land in the state of California. This year, the biggest...

Nicki Malekadeli
November 21, 2019
Creating a More Inclusive Workplace for People with Disabilities

People with physical or mental disabilities face a number of challenges daily. Their condition significantly...