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August 28, 2022
What Are Premises Liability Laws in California?

Under California premises liability laws, property owners and occupants have a duty to maintain their...

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November 5, 2021
How To Report Unfair Treatment in the Workplace in California

Unfair treatment at work can easily step past the bounds of favoritism and into discrimination,...

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June 23, 2021
Employment Lawyer’s Notion On Hostile Work Environment

Are You In A Hostile Work Environment? Every employee has the right to work in...

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June 10, 2021
My Employer Fired Me Due to the Color of My Skin- Do I Need a Wrongful Termination Lawyer?

Racial discrimination or Racism has been a recurring issue in the United States for centuries,...

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June 8, 2021
Denied Severance Package – Do I Need An Employment Lawyer?

Employees are compelled to do great at work, some almost their entire lifetime, to achieve...

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May 27, 2021
4 Signs of Age Discrimination at Work

All employers should be treated fairly at work – regardless of age. In Los Angeles...

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May 26, 2021
What Laws Protect My Civil Rights at Work?

All employees are entitled to be treated fairly at work. To ensure employers comply, state...

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May 25, 2021
What is Wrongful Discharge in Violation of Public Policy?

In California, most employees are considered at-will. At-will employees mean that the employer can terminate...

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May 24, 2021
Employment Lawyer’s Input on California Family and Medical Leave Act

In the United States labor law under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993,...

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May 18, 2021
Do You Need an Employment Lawyer to Claim the 2021 Paid Sick Leave for COVID-19?

2020 was a challenging time for everybody – physically, mentally, and financially. It has been...