California Wildfires: Can I Sue for Burn Injury and Wrongful Death?

Author: Mesriani Law Group
Posted on: November 11, 2019

Wildfire is an uncontrollable fire that can destroy lives, properties, and natural resources. This type of disaster is difficult to contain since winds and dry objects in the surrounding areas fuel it. There are already significant liabilities by the time first responders cease the fire.

California has the highest risk of wildfire occurrence in the United States. Plumas National Forest’s Walker Fire, for example, was California’s biggest fire. It happened on the fourth of September 2019, and the said wildfire consumed approximately 50,730 acres of land. Due to the massive damage that this disaster is capable of doing, it is appropriate to claim that the destructive force of wildfires is a severe issue in California.

Causes of Wildfires: Natural and Man-Made

Wildfires can occur due to natural circumstances or human-made factors. Lightning or the heat of the sun are just some of the natural sources of this kind of fire. When lightning strikes the dry area in a forest, it can quickly turn into a wildland fire, especially if the air temperature is high. Human-made causes, on the other hand, have numerous kinds. Unchecked campfires, cigarettes, corporate negligence, and intended fire-starting are some of the roots of human-made wildfires.

These wildfires affect neighborhoods and other physical structures. Schools, homes, and business establishments necessary for community growth turned into ashes. Aside from property damage, burn injury and wrongful deaths are two of the major consequences of this kind of fire. In November 2018, during California’s most destructive wildfire, there were eighty-five recorded fatalities. There were also several personal injuries sustained due to the incident. During these difficult times, it is appropriate to seek legal advice regarding reparations for victims.

Effects of Wildfires: Burn Injury

One of the results of a wildfire is an injury. Aside from the pain it brings, some injuries require costly treatments. Thus, fire starters must be held accountable for damages caused by burn injuries. Burn injury requires medical consultation and cure, which makes knowing basic burn care vital in the case of burn incidents. Also, those responsible for the wildfire must handle the expenses on medical treatment and other related costs of the burn victims. These injuries may need corrective surgery and may require a significant amount of money. The injuries sustained are not the victims’ fault and should not be held accountable for hospital monetary obligations.

For serious injuries, there may also be loss of bodily functions. In these cases, victims can hold the perpetrators liable for the loss of opportunities. A burn injury lawyer helps victims seek accountability for these acts of negligence. Long-term care may also be an option for some victims. These victims may have a decreased quality of life. Thus, they are not able to perform everyday activities. In these cases, family members or guardian’s participation in the case is crucial. An experienced burn injury, wrongful death, and class action attorney will argue for the victims and their families. The fire’s perpetrators must be obligated to pay for admissions into long-term care facilities. The victims’ missed opportunities may also be considered.

Effects of Wildfires: Wrongful Death

In times of unfortunate circumstances where a wildfire claims human lives, families, and guardians of the bereaved must fight for justice. Trials and amends can no longer bring back lost lives; but, they are crucial steps for moving forward. Human-made wildfires must call for accountability from the perpetrators. This act will not only punish the offender but will also be a warning for others to be more cautious with their actions.

In cases of wrongful death caused by human-made wildfire, those responsible for the fire can be held accountable for the expenses needed for the funeral expenses or face a wrongful death lawsuit. The offenders can also give appropriate compensation for lost opportunities on the part of victims.

Struggles of Human-Made Wildfire Victims

Victims of this disaster struggle to rebuild their lives from the moment their homes and communities are burned to the time they ask for accountability. In the case of Paradise, California wildfire that happened in November 2018, the deadline for victims’ filing of damage claims was moved to an earlier date. It is a common occurrence for private entities to protect their reputation and profits. In these cases, the victims are taken advantage of once again. They will have to endure the suffering and loss they experienced because of some people’s negligence.

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