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Minimum wage of employees working in the United States is regulated and protected by Federal laws and under said laws an employee's minimum wage should be at least $7.25. However, this is not the only law governing an employee’s minimum wage. In California, in particular, the Labor Code provides that employees working in Los Angeles and in any city or county in California should get a minimum hourly pay of at least $8.00.

You should be advised that in case of discrepancies in the benefits provided for by federal and state laws, those that are more beneficial to the employees should always be applied. In case of minimum wage in California, California Labor Code should be applied because it provides a higher minimum wage for employees working in California.

In case you think that your right to minimum wage is violated, you can seek legal help from top Los Angeles Minimum Wage attorneys who can inform you of your employment and labor law rights and the legal processes available to you to claim compensation for damages against your erring employer.

Oftentimes violation of minimum wage is not just the only violation being committed by employers. It usually is just a means in discriminating employees against public policy, i.e. age discrimination, sex discrimination, marital status discrimination, disability discrimination. This is why, for any signs of violation of your employment and labor law rights, seek help immediately from Mesriani Law Group’s expert Minimum Wage Violation attorneys in Los Angeles who have the experience and resources to help you with your claims.

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What to do in case of Minimum Wage Violations at Workplace?

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