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Work compensation benefits are granted to employees who are injured at work. It covers not only accidents inside the work place but also includes traffic accidents outside of work so long as you are doing work related activities. It also includes slip and fall and other premises liability accidents so long as you are doing work duties at the time of the accident. There are a lot of nuances in claiming workers compensation insurance benefits. If you want to know more about your employment and labor law rights, to include the coverage of workers compensation and how to claim them, it is best to seek the opinion of expert Workers Compensation attorneys for guidance.

The main thing that you need to remember if you figured in a work related accident is to never try to negotiate or claim your benefits on your own. You will just end up losing your case on some technicality or lack of evidence. Be that as it may, you should take comfort in the fact that you can still file an appeal with the Workers Compensation Appeals Board (WCAB) for denials of workers compensation benefits.

Generally, the law provides that if you have been injured on the job or even contracted work related illness, you should be able to be provided with work compensation benefits through your employer’s work comp insurance. You have a right to be reimbursed for all your actual medical costs, medications, future medical care and even compensation for your pain and suffering and other non-monetary losses.

However, claiming the foregoing benefits and other damages are not easy. You need to seek help from Mesriani Law Group’s highly skilled Workers Compensation lawyers in Los Angeles who have already obtained hundreds of millions in work comp and damages awards for all our clients.

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How to File a Workers Comp Lawsuit?

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What is Workers Compensation?

It is an insurance obtained by employers to pay for damages and injuries suffered by employees while on the job.

What qualifies as on the job injuries to be qualified for Workers Compensation insurance?

It covers not only accidents inside the work place but also includes accidents suffered by employees while outside work premises so long as said employee was doing work related activities at the time. Examples are traffic accidents while going to a meeting or delivering something outside of work, and slip and fall and other premises liability accidents on account of work related activities.

No Fault Insurance

If you are injured at work you have a right to claim damages against your employer. In obtaining work compensation benefits, there is no issue as to who is at fault or negligent. Workers' Compensation insurance is a no fault benefit where you can claim benefits even if your own neglect caused your work related injuries. The basic premise is, for work related injuries, your first protection and assistance would come from the Workers Compensation insurance benefits. For any damages and losses not covered by the insurance, you can seek the rest from your employer through civil damages claims.

Problems Faced by Employees Claiming Work Comp Insurance Benefits

  • The primary problem of employees seeking Work Comp benefit is lack of knowledge and resources in knowing about their rights and how to go about starting the process of their claims for Work Comp benefits.

  • The second basic problem of employees seeking Work Comp benefit is either their employer failed to obtain Work Comp insurance for the employees or the employer refuses to use Work Comp insurance for their employees because of fear of increase in premiums.

  • The third most common problems of employees seeking Work Comp benefit is Work Comp retaliation by employers. Workers compensation benefits is mandated by law to be provided to all employees who have been injured or rendered disabled while at work to give them a fixed budget in order to be able to get by while getting treatments and putting his or her life back to the pre injury state. However, there are some employers who are less understanding or outright crass in treating their employees. Some of the times, employees who obtain Work Comp benefits are being retaliated against by their employer.

How To Claim Workers Compensation Benefits in California?

Knowing that you have a benefit that you can claim in case of accident at work is different from actually obtaining said benefit to help you in your troubles. Although the basic principle in providing proof for your claim is simple - in claiming employment compensation benefit in California, the only thing you need to prove is that you are an employee and you suffered injury, disability or illness while performing work for the employer – there is still the problem of actually gathering proof and properly going through the process of presenting them in the proper forum. Hence, if you are serious in getting the best Workers Compensation benefit you deserve, the best thing to do is seek legal help from expert employment and labor law attorneys who can guide you and assist you in making sure that you get the maximum benefit you deserve at the swiftest time possible.


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