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Employment Harassment

Rodney and his team were wonderful! They were very professional and always responsive to our calls and emails. Della was especially great to work with. It was a pleasure working with them. They did an outstanding job and we are so grateful for the work they did. We would definitely recommend Mesriani Law Group to our family and friends.

Written by: Bee A. (Yelp)
Date published: 06/19/2015
5 / 5 stars

Auto Crash Claim

My car hit by a truck and I should go to hospital for a week. I contacted Mesriani Law Group to handle my case. They worked hard for me and I got the best settlement on it. The truck driver paid all my bills. I thank God I found this law company.

Written by: Sandra Davidson (Google)
Date published: 09/17/2015
5 / 5 stars

Employee Discrimination Claim

Rodney and his staff took great care of me with my case.They were professional, polite, and knew what they were doing.I would highly recommend to anyone needing a good attorney to call them right away. Their website is too modest, and doesn’t do them the justice. Thanks Rodney, Della and Angelic!

Written by: Jordanwh (Google)
Date published: 09/20/2015
5 / 5 stars


I am writing to thank you for all of the services you have done for me. In addition, I would like to compliment your staff; Mr. Reyes and Mr. Cantor were a pleasure to work with. I felt as though I were family and in these days and time, service on that level is rare and hard to find. It was a pleasure and honor working with you guys. You’ve made this long journey of mine easier. Just would like to thank you once again for your goodness. God bless you all always. Thank you!

– Ms. Johnson

I wanted to take the time out to really thank you for representing me. From the beginning, you were an attorney, my attorney, and I trusted you. After spending the whole day in mediation with you and my father, I can say that I am honored to have had the opportunity to get to know you as a person. There is nothing greater than seeing someone succeed in life through good times and bad; hard work; and of course passion. I feel very fortunate for having you on my side and I am wishing you, your firm, and your family much success and happiness in the years to come.

– M. Farrell

I am writing to sincerely thank you and your law office for your great cooperation in handling my wife’s case. Thank you for your professionalism, promptness, and clear communication. Definitely, we will consider you for our future legal needs. You did a wonderful job in keeping us informed, following up the case, and settling the case before the expiration of statute of limitation. It was my great pleasure to work with you on this case.

– R. Ansari

Mr. Mesriani is an excellent lawyer. I am very thankful and very happy with everything he and his staff had done for me. He treated me like a friend, but at the same time he was very professional and helped me with all my legal concerns amazingly. If ever I will need any legal assistance again, I will definitely go to him. I highly recommend him. Again, thank you very much Mr. Mesriani and may God bless you.

– Sean Fazaeli

Rodney Mesriani is a top notch employment and business litigation attorney. He aggressively represents his clients in all forms of employment and business litigation. Rodney also understands that employment matters are often delicate and he is sensitive to the needs of his clients’ particular situation. I highly recommend and endorse Rodney Mesriani.

– Scott Corwin, Esq.

Mr. Mesriani is an amazing lawyer to work with. I came to him to help me with certain business matters and he was very easy to talk to and very professional. He and his staff were always available and ready to assist me and answer my questions. I am so very happy with this firm. I will definitely go to him again if I will need a lawyer again and will recommend him to my family and friends if they need one.

– Farzin Tahzib

I want to express my thanks to you all for helping me out with this legal situation. Your expertise and kindness in handling everything was invaluable! I don’t know what I would have done without you. I can now look forward to my future. Thank you so much for your professional and effective help. I won’t hesitate to recommend you to anyone who needs assistance.

– B. Pruitt

Rodney Mesriani is incredibly talented in his combined business, technology and litigation knowledge. This rare combination of legal expertise results in creative, “what’s possible” solutions that would be unimaginable for most when attempting to solve a problem or tackle an employment law issue. Mr. Mesriani can be relied upon to create unique legal insight, bringing a real competitive advantage to any case he represents.

– Stephen Olch

Mr. Mesriani’s team worked diligently to collect all of my medical records and paperwork. In the end, I received a large settlement without ever having to go to court. Because I may require more medical procedures in the future, I feel relieved knowing that I can afford the medical care I may need. I would highly recommend Mesriani Law Group to all of my friends and colleagues.

– Clare Klein

I am very pleased and impressed with Mr. Mesriani’s diligence and attitude. I have worked with other law firms, but I have never actually worked with any in the past who has been as diligent, and Mr. Mesriani is dedicated, professional, trustworthy and caring, and this shows in how he deals with his clients.

– Mehran Nia

The Mesriani Law Group’s attorneys and paralegals have been very professional in handling our cases. We were constantly updated with everything that is going on. They have been very helpful in answering our questions and attending to all our legal concerns. They achieved great results for us, case after case (company and personal). I am very satidfied and I highly recommend them.

– Kamran Hayempour

I have known Rodney professionally and worked with him for seven years. I would highly recommend him as an attorney because of his excellent reputation for being honest and hard working. He is a caring attorney who obtains the best results for his clients.

– William J. Kropach, Esq.

Rodney is a true professional in every sense of the word. He is on top of his game, very knowledgeable and attends may seminars and meetings to keep up to date with his skill. I had contacted Rodney a few years ago with a Relationship Marketing Software tool that I referred people in business to. A way of staying connected with their clients and making them feel appreciated. When Rodney heard of the service, Sendoutcards, it was exactly what he was looking for. He wanted something different to make his clients, colleagues, friends and family to feel special. This is the kind of person he is.

– Stephanie Whittaker

I have known and worked with Rodney Mesriani from 1996 to the present. Since that time, Rodney Mesriani is a very talented individual and has always worked diligently and I have found him to be a very capable individual able to handle the most difficult legal issues regarding his clients and to think critically about issues related with respect to client’s problems. His talents, however, do not end there. Rodney Mesriani is also a person of unusual energy, maturity, and interpersonal skill. Rodney Mesriani has tackled his cases and responsibilities with spirit and sophistication, interacting with both clients and other legal authorities in an effective, responsible manner. He is evidently a person with substantial experience functioning in the professional world, and it has been a pleasure knowing and working with him. In short, I recommend Rodney Mesriani to you strongly and without reservation

– Sally Amirghahari, Esq.

I met Rodney several years ago when his client and mine were on opposite sides of a very difficult, emotion-driven employment lawsuit. Rodney and I have remained close colleagues ever since. Never, ever do I want to be on opposite sides of a case against him. When you first meet Rodney, his professional demeanor stands out. He has taste, he has style, he is the consummate professional. You will also learn that Rodney has a sense of humor, enabling him to defuse conflict and lower the emotional temperature of employment litigation, to his client’s advantage. Rodney also has a sixth sense for litigation. He is smart enough to manage the risks of a case without letting his passion for advocacy blind him to arguments from the other side. In other words, he knows when to pick his battles. If you find yourself on the opposite side of an employment case with Rodney, you had better bring your “A game”. He will arm himself with a thorough understanding of the facts and law. He will probably out-negotiate you. He will conduct meaningful discovery and he will be ready to go to trial. Whether you are an employer or employee seeking workplace justice, I highly recommend Rodney Mesriani.

– David Mallen, Esq.



Mesriani Law Group has dedicated its legal practice to championing the causes of all victims of personal injury accidents and employment and labor law violations in Los Angeles and all throughout California.

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Personal Injury and Employment/Labor Lawyer
Personal Injury and Employment/Labor Lawyer
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We are well respected in the legal community not only because of our aggressive commitment in pursuing the parties at fault to the fullest extent to our clients’ benefits but also because of our known compassion towards our clients and their families in making sure that they are well protected physically, emotionally and financially while we take care of their cases for them.




Our employment attorneys bring a unique theme and perspective to each case, enabling them to anticipate and resolve any employment or labor law issues with utmost efficiency and success.


Our law firm is confident that it can successfully protect your rights and represent you during negotiations, settlements and even trials that we are even willing to take on your case on a Contingency Basis.

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