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Rank-and-file employees in California should be aware that they have a right to be paid extra premium for overtime pay. In excess of 8 hours of work a day, you should be paid one point five (1.5) times your usual hourly rate. This is also the case if you are made to work for more than forty (40) hours a week.

In computing your overtime pay, the basis of the 1.5 hours in excess of 8 hours of work in a day is not your regular hourly rate. It should be based on a premium set by law or by your employer. If you are being provided a higher hourly rate than $8.00 an hour in California, then the computation of your overtime pay should be based on such higher rate.

In order to determine whether you are covered by the overtime pay, you should know whether you are a rank-and-file employee or a managerial employee. Managerial employees are not covered by minimum wage laws because they are imbued with confidence by their employer and hence, get higher pay as opposed to rank-and-file. However, some employers give managerial sounding positions to rank-and-file employees to escape paying overtime pay. In order to determine whether you are covered by the overtime pay law, the best thing to do is seek legal advice from top Los Angeles Overtime Pay Attorneys who can analyze your job position and provide you with the best advice for your labor law issues.

If you are working more than 8 hours a day or more than 40 hours in a week and you are not being provided with overtime pay by your employer, then your rights to overtime pay is being violated. In this case, you need to immediately seek legal representation from Mesriani Law Group’s highly respected Overtime Violation Lawyers in Los Angeles who have decades of experience in defending employees from all employment and labor law violations.

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