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Mesriani Law Group is comprised of some of the best employment discrimination lawyers and labor attorneys in Los Angeles, California.

Our experienced Los Angeles employment and labor law attorneys and paralegals, handle harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, national origin and race discrimination, age discrimination, sex and gender discrimination, sexual harassment, religious discrimination, disability discrimination and failure to accommodate disability, violation of Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), violation of whistle blowing laws, worker’s compensation discrimination and retaliation, wage and hour claims, overtime claims, independent contractor misclassification, minimum wage, and labor disputes.

Our employment attorneys bring a unique theme and perspective to each case, enabling them to anticipate and resolve any employment or labor law issues with utmost efficiency and success. Our law firm is well known throughout California for the caliber of its lawyers and proven success record.

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We Provide Top Notch Legal Services Regardless of the Value of Your Claims.

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We are well respected in the legal community not only because of our aggressive commitment in pursuing the parties at fault to the fullest extent to our clients’ benefits but also because of our known compassion towards our clients and their families in making sure that they are well protected physically, emotionally and financially while we take care of their cases for them.

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