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Sex or gender discrimination at work happens when a man or a woman is being refused employment, job position or advancement or is otherwise mistreated or unjustly treated in the work place because of his or her gender. At the onset, even during the interview period, if your prospective employer focuses mainly on questions relating to your gender and/or what you are able to provide to the company based on your gender, then you are already being discriminated against. Similarly, even if you are hired but you are not provided with opportunities for growth at work and you know that this is because of your sex or gender, then you should complain against your employer either within your grievance machinery at work or with the proper government agency.

You should remember, though, that filing a complaint and seeking damages against your employer is harder than it sounds. A lot of employees commit the mistake of trying to negotiate their cases or claims on their own. If you try and seek compensation against your employer on your own you will definitely lose because your employer has the resources to hire lawyers who are experts in employment and labor laws and procedures while you, on the other hand, neither possess the resources or have ample knowledge of the law and its processes to be of any effect in negotiating your gender discrimination claims.

If you are serious in protecting your rights at work and getting the best compensation you deserve, the only thing that you should do is seek help from Mesriani Law Group’s highly skilled sex discrimination attorneys in Los Angeles who have decades of experience in pursuing discrimination claims against unjust employers throughout California

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What You Should Do In Case of Sex Discrimination in Los Angeles?

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Gender discrimination happens when an employee is segregated or treated differently or unjustly because of his or her gender. It affects both men and women employees at work, contrary to popular mistaken notion that only women get discriminated by their employers.

Reasons Why Discrimination Based on Sex Exists at Work

There are more instances of gender discrimination than are being reported. This is because most of them are not reported and the victims don’t file claims or pursue their rights to claim damages against the parties at fault.

  • Usually, employees are unable to claim gender discrimination compensation because:

  • They don’t realize that they are being discriminated against;

  • They are embarrassed to admit that they are victims of gender discrimination;

  • They don’t know the process in pursuing their claims;

  • They don’t have the resources to initiate employment cases against their employers; or

  • They are afraid of being retaliated against by their employers.

In order for the unjust treatments of employees to stop, you must fight for your rights as a victim, to send the message that it is not alright to discriminate at work, especially against employees who have less in life.

Recognize the Signs of Sex Discrimination

There are different ways that an employee is discriminated at work based on his or her gender.

Overt Acts – this is when your employer directly ridicules or makes fun of your or otherwise makes your life miserable because of your gender or your gender preference. Aside from your gender preference of being a man or a woman, homosexuals or bisexuals are usually the target of direct or overt discrimination at work.

Covert Acts – this happens when, although your employer seems cordial with you, but he fails or refuses to provide you with the right benefits you deserve under the labor code provisions.

This is why it is very important for every employee to know the laws relating to gender or sex discrimination or harassment especially in cases where your employer is not providing you with the right compensation, as this could just be symptoms or signs of a more dastardly design of discriminating against you due to your gender preference.

Things to Do in Case of Gender Discrimination

Always remember that it is never wise to try and file a complaint on your own or pursue negotiations with your employer because your employer will always have the advantage. He has the connections and resources to hire top employment defense lawyers to protect himself from claims.

In order to be successful in claiming damages for gender discrimination claims, you must do the following:

  • Prove first your employer-employee relationship;

  • Present evidence to prove acts constituting gender discrimination.

  • Show proof of the damages and losses you are claiming against your employer.

All the above will be of no use to you unless you seek help from top employment and labor law attorneys in California who can protect your rights and pursue your claims right away.


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