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Sexual harassment happens in the workplace from time to time. However, most of these cases go unreported either because the victim has no resources to take the employer to court or is afraid that the employer will retaliate or terminate the victim. If you think that you are being sexually harassed at work, you should fight for your rights to stop your employer from mistreating you and your other co-workers, otherwise, the cycle of maltreatment will go on and it might even escalate to assault or rape.

Sexual harassment in Los Angeles, California takes many forms: verbal, visual, or physical. If you are being called names of sexual nature, or being told obscene jokes or remarks about your outfit, then you are being verbally harassed. On the other hand, if you are being touched, groped or kissed at work by your boss, then you are being physically harassed. Finally, if you are being shown lewd magazines or internet porn, then you are being sexually harassed verbally. In any of these instances, you have the right to file claim for damages against your employer.

It is hard to spot harassment or discrimination at work. However, seeking justice against the unjust employer is even harder. This is why, if you want to be protected from sexual harassment at work, your best choice is to seek legal help from Mesriani Law Group’s aggressive sexual harassment attorneys in Los Angeles who have decades of experience in litigating sexual harassment cases perpetrated in the work place. As of date, we have already obtained hundreds of millions in awards for damages in favor of our employment and labor law clients.

What to Do in Case of Sexual Harassment at Work?

Nobody is safe from harassment at work, whether you are a man or a woman in the work place. This is also true in case of sexual harassment. Work place sexual harassment or discrimination happens regardless of the nature and scope of industry you are employed in, i.e., Multi-national Corporation or a small company or family owned business. Hence, you should be vigilant in observing your work environment for any signs of harassment against you or your co-workers. As an employee, you should know your rights in order to protect yourself and your livelihood against ill treatments by your employer, which includes sexual harassment. You should be aware of the types of acts constituting these work place violations so you are aware on what to look out for in assessing your legal action for any claims of damages against your employer.

How Sexual Harassment Is Committed?

There are overt and subtle ways harassment is perpetrated by unjust employers. In case of sex harassment, you should be able to recognize the following tell-tale signs, which include:

  1. Verbal Harassment – If you are being called names of sexual nature, or being told obscene jokes or remarks about your outfit or your demeanor by your employer at work, then you are being verbally harassed.
  2. Physical Harassment If you are touched by your employer inappropriately, groped at or kissed at work for any reason at all, or even if your boss always brushes any part of his or her body at you without any justification, then you are being sexually harassed physically.
  3. Visual Harassment If you are being shown lewd magazines or internet porn or your employer lets you catch him doing inappropriate or sexual acts at work, then you are being visually harassed at work.

Laws Protecting Your Rights Against Harassment

In order to make sure that you are protected at work from employment and labor law violations, the first thing at you should do is arm yourself with the knowledge of the law.

  1. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 protects the rights of employees against harassment, sexual or otherwise. However, this law is applicable only to employers with 15 or more employees. Under this law, the employer cannot terminate, demote, deprive salary, benefits or any other employment privileges, or deduct salary or wages to an employee, or deny an applicant a job, because of gender. If you are being sexually harassed and using gender discrimination as a means to his end, then you can also file a claim using this law.
  2. California Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA). – For less than 15 employees, you are still protected against sexual harassment through this law.
  3. Equal Pay Act (EPA) If you’re basic labor law rights to minimum wage and other benefits are being withheld against you as means of punishment or to coerce you to submit to your employer’s lewd designs, then you can also file claim with the EPA.

File a Claim Through Expert Employment Attorney

Even if you know the foregoing laws, they will not be of any help if you try to negotiate your claims on your own. Your employer has the resources to hire top defense law firms who are experts in dealing with employment cases. The best thing to do is seek help from expert sexual harassment attorney and trust him to protect your rights and obtain the maximum compensation on your behalf.

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