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Plane crashes can cause serious devastation to victims and their families. Even the simplest air craft accident while taxiing or landing can result in serious physical injuries. In worst case scenarios, plane crashes could lead to wrongful death. If you or any of your loved ones figure in a plane accident you have a right to claim damages against the parties at fault, which could be the airline pilot, the airline owner or the airport or air line operators.

There are a lot of causes of plane accidents, which include pilot negligence, lack of competence or training, negligence in the maintenance and repair of air crafts, operating planes under uncompromising weather conditions, pilots who are under the influence of alcohol or other substances and external factors like crew or passenger negligence. In any event, in case you are injured in a plane or aircraft related accident, you have a right to seek compensation for property damage, bodily injuries, pain and suffering and other losses.

Generally, it is never advisable to negotiate your own claims. This is with more reason that you should not try and pursue your case on your own against serious plane crashes. You will be met with insurance adjusters who are knowledgeable in the legal and technical aspects of torts claims. Aside from this, there are a lot of forms you may need to fill up and steps to take in order to start your claims process against the party at fault.

Therefore, if you are serious in claiming the best compensation you deserve, you need to seek legal help from Mesriani Law Group’s top aviation accident attorneys in Los Angeles who are adept in all federal and California laws relating to aviation regulations and the science involved in airline accidents. Due to our committed legal service to all our clients, as of date, we already obtained hundreds of millions in awards to our clients’ great satisfaction.

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Your Personal Injury Rights in Airplane Accidents

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Plane crashes happen more often than you think. However, not all aviation accidents get reported unless they are of a heinous nature like plane crashes, mid-air collisions or lost aircrafts. You should be made aware that you can get injured even when the plane is on the ground. Accordingly, you have a right to seek damages against the party at fault.

Causes of Aviation Accidents

There are a lot of causes of plane mishaps, which include:

  • Pilot negligence,

  • Lack of competence or training,

  • Negligence in the maintenance and repair of airplanes,

  • Operating planes under the influence of alcohol or other substances and

  • Weather conditions.

If you or any of your loved ones have been injured in a plane accident, you should know that you have against any of the following:

  • The pilot,

  • The airline crew and staff,

  • The operator or owner of the plane and its facilities or

  • The plane manufacturer or designer if the accident was caused by defective design or manufacture of the airplane.

However, knowing who to come after for your injuries is not the same as actually being able to obtain compensation against those people who are liable for your personal injuries.

Types of Aircraft Crashes

Human error is the main cause of aviation accidents. Whether you are riding in a commercial plane or private recreational plane, you have a right to be protected from personal injuries while in the care of plane pilots and airline companies. A lot of plane passengers do not realize that they have a right to claim damages against the airplane owners for personal injuries they suffered while riding in planes. If you take a tumble or slip and fall due to worn carpeting or haphazardly placed wirings inside the plane you already are a victim of aircraft accident.

Basically, regardless of the type of plane you are on whether it be:

  • Privately chartered,

  • Commercial flights,

  • Government owned or

  • Military aircrafts

You can seek damages for your aviation injuries not limited to scratches, bruises and contusions to more serious injuries like spine injuries, fractures, burn injuries, head injury and even brain injury.

Medical treatments for any type of injuries suffered in an airline accident have a potential to reach in the upper hundreds of thousands to millions in medical treatments from undergoing x-rays, MRIs, lab tests, neurological tests, chiropractic care, physical therapy treatments, orthopedic treatments and even epidural injections and even surgeries and post-op treatments.

Therefore, in order to make sure that you get the maximum compensation you deserve, don’t try to negotiate against the airline management for compensation, trust only top personal injury lawyers who have years of exceptional experience to get you the best compensation you deserve.


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