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Personal injury accidents can definitely result in brain injuries. A blow to the head after an automobile accident or a slip and fall incident can lead to a traumatic brain injury (TBI), which may require more serious medical evaluations and treatments as compared to spine injuries and other soft tissue injuries. Treatments of TBI can easily reach in the hundreds of thousands and even millions in present and future treatments, surgeries and post-op care.

If you are involved in any traffic accident or premise liability accident, the best thing to do is get immediate medical attention. Only by undergoing complete medical examination can the doctor be able to make a proper diagnosis of your symptoms and personal injuries. In case you suffered brain trauma from the accident, you definitely have a right to claim damages against the party at fault.

However, knowing that you have a right to seek damages is not the same as automatically obtaining compensation for your property damage, bodily injuries and other losses. You should not leave the negotiations of your claims to chance. You need to get the assistance of Mesriani Law Group’s expert brain injury lawyers in Los Angeles who have decades of experience in going against big insurance companies and large defense law firms in getting the maximum compensation that our clients deserve. As of date, we have already obtained hundreds of millions in award for damages to our clients’ great satisfaction.

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What To Do In Case of Brain Injury Claims?

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All personal injury accidents, from traffic accidents like car accident, bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident or bus accident or premise liability accidents like trip and fall, slip and fall, dog bite, explosions and fire and construction accident have the capacity to inflict brain injury to the victims.

If you are involved in any of the above negligence accident and you suffered a head injury or a Traumatic Brain Injury or TBI, you should immediately seek medical attention to make sure that you are out of harm’s way from the ill effects of your injuries.

In California, if you suffer injuries due to the negligence of another, you have a right to claim damages against the party at fault, which are not limited to:

  • Property damage,

  • Actual medical costs,

  • Future medical care,

  • Pain and suffering and other monetary and

  • Non-monetary losses.

In worst case scenarios, victims of serious accidents resulting in brain trauma or as a result of brain injury succumbs to death, leading to claims also for wrongful death. As you can see, personal injury claims relating to this type of injury are very serious as it involves huge sums of claims. Hence, if you want to make sure that you are able to obtain the best possible compensation from the party at fault you should never try to negotiate you claims on your own.

The party at fault will surely be represented by insurance adjuster or defense counsel who has the experience and know how in analyzing and denying your claims. Aside from this, there are technical rules of procedures and limits as to when you can claim your damages.

In California, for bodily injuries resulting from a personal injury accident, the victim only has 2 years to file a claim against the party at fault. On the other hand, for property damage resulting in the same incident, on the other hand, you are only given a period of 3 years to file compensation for such damages.

Furthermore, aside from the time line for filing personal injury cases, proof of your claims should meet the basic elements before you are able to ascertain if your case will prosper. Among these elements that you need to prove are:

  • The fact that the accident happened;

  • The obligation of the other party to provide due care;

  • Failure of the party to meet his or its obligation;

  • Said failure of the other party in meeting his or its obligation resulted in the accident;

  • The accident is the direct or proximate cause of your damages and injuries.

As you can see, seeking compensation from the party at fault is not easy. The best you can do is try to make sure that you obtain vital evidence to support your claim, never negotiate your case on your own and hire the best personal injury lawyer who can fight for your rights and claim the best compensation for your damages.

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