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Burn injuries inflict both physical and emotional suffering to the victims and their families. Aside from the physical pain and suffering caused by the burnt skin, the social stigma of having burn and scar marks also aggravate the tremendous pain and trauma suffered by burn victims.

Burn accidents happen in premise accidents relating to explosion and fire accidents as well as in serious traffic accidents like head on collisions and other serious vehicle crashes. If you suffered burn injuries due to the negligence of another, whether it be a premise liability case or traffic accident, you have a right to claim compensation for all your damages, pain and suffering and other losses from the party at fault. However, knowing you have a right to claim damages and actually claiming them against the negligent does not usually go hand in hand. You will be faced by insurance adjusters who will scrutinize your case and diminish your monetary claims, if not outright deny them for cause or due to some technicality. Aside from this, you may even be confronted by defense lawyers who are adept in protecting the rights of their clients against liability. Therefore, if you are serious in getting the justice you deserve, you should never claim your compensation on your own. The best course of action is to seek legal help from to burn injury lawyers in Los Angeles who have decades of experience in dealing with burn related injury accidents.

Treatments for burn injuries can reach in the hundreds of thousands and even millions, depending on the severity of the burns and the length of treatments, present and future, necessary to address the burn victim’s pains and symptoms. Hence, don’t leave your claims to chance. Seek help from Mesriani Law Group’s highly skilled burn injury attorneys in Los Angeles who will fight tooth and nail for your rights to claim the highest compensation you deserve against the party at fault.

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Mechanics of Burn Injury Claims in California

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Thousands of people are made victims of burn injury accidents each year. The primary cause of burn accidents is negligence. Most people fail to maintain their properties free from hazardous conditions resulting in faulty wirings and defective electrical appliances. Burns can also result from negligent service like in parlors and other salons who use the wrong chemicals or overuse them resulting in skin burns. Aside from the foregoing burn injuries also result from traffic accidents which may include car accidents, bus accidents, train accidents and even plane and boating accidents.

Consequences of Burn Injuries

Burn injury victims suffer both bodily pain and suffering caused by the singeing of the skin, as well as emotional and psychological trauma from having ugly scar marks, loss of mobility of limbs and even amputations in severe cases. In worst case scenarios third degree burns could even result in wrongful death. Not only the burn victim is affected by the burn accident, it includes the family of the victim as well.

What Burn Injury Damages Can You Claim?

As a victim of burn injuries, you have a right to seek compensation against the party at fault for all your damages, which include:

  • Actual damages,

  • Costs of medical treatments,

  • Future medical care,

  • Loss of earnings,

  • Pain and suffering and other losses and

  • Punitive damages.

In worst case scenario where the burn accident victim suffers third degree burns resulting in wrongful death, the family can claim:

  • Burial expense

  • Funeral expense

  • Loss of life’s earnings

  • Loss of consortium and

  • Loss of love and support.

What Not to Do in Burn Injury Claims?

In claiming your burn injury damages, the other party will always be covered by insurance which employ adjusters or examiners who are adept in frustrating your claim. Hence, it is definitely a big mistake to talk to insurance adjusters and negotiate with them your claims after the accident. You might be waiving your rights without knowing it by agreeing to a settlement much less than your actual injury.

Similarly, the other party may employ lawyers who are adept in legal processes connected with burn injury defenses. Hence, if you are serious in claiming compensation against the other party, be sure to hire top burn injury lawyers to help you.

Hire Expert Personal Injury Lawyers in California

Any personal injury claim should be left with legal experts. This is especially true in cases of burn injuries where treatments could reach in the millions. Hence, to make sure that you get the maximum compensation you deserve, seek help only from top personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles.

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