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Electric scooters have become a popular, environment-friendly means of transportation as more companies continue to produce them to cater to commuters. But while these scooters are fun to ride and provide us with a more convenient option for getting around urban areas, they also present lots of potential risks to both riders and nearby pedestrians.

Since these electric scooters can be unstable due to their weight, and provide no bodily protection whatsoever, chances of electric scooter injuries become much higher. Additionally, since a large percentage of riders see these scooters as toys rather than a legitimate alternative to conventional transportation, they ride these vehicles at high speeds, with some riders opting not to wear helmets and other protective gear.

These acts of negligence endanger both riders and pedestrians, as they increase the likelihood of electric scooter accidents. Apart from the severe injuries and collateral property damage that are to be expected in most vehicular collisions, there have also been cases wherein scooter deaths have been reported because of the severity of the crash.

The risk of lime and bird electric scooter injuries are significantly increased by unsafe practices when riding these machines. California electric bike laws state that electric scooter riders are required to have any class of driver’s license and must obey the same traffic and safety rules and regulations as other vehicles. By not adhering to these laws, riders run the risk of hurting themselves and other road users. In the worst case scenario, electric scooter accidents can result in wrongful death.

Below is a list of irresponsible electric scooter practices:

  • Children riding scooters that are not designed for their age range
  • People riding scooters without wearing protective gear that is compliant with the US Department of Transportation
  • Riding a scooter without checking its safety mechanisms such as the brakes, handlebars, and battery
  • People riding scooters on rough terrain
  • Riders using scooters on sidewalks
  • Tandem riding on electric scooters
  • Scooters being driven on roads with speed limits higher than 25mph
  • Scooters being driven at speeds faster than 15mph
  • Doing dangerous stunts while riding scooters
  • Riding a scooter while intoxicated

Types of Lime & Bird Electric Scooter Accidents

  • Injury due to vehicular malfunction; even people who ride electric scooters carefully can be caught off guard and become injured (or injure someone else) if the scooter is not in good working condition. It can be an issue with the tires, brakes, or even the handlebars. When a malfunction occurs, the rider can lose control and fly off the machine and into the road.
  • Crash due to road hazards such as fallen branches, potholes, and debris.
  • Electric scooter crash after being chased by an off-leash dog.
  • Crash while trying to avoid hitting a pedestrian, an oncoming car, or another scooter rider.
  • Pedestrian is injured after getting hit by a scooter rider.
  • Scooter rider is hit by a swerving car.
  • Motorist crashes into another vehicle while trying to avoid a scooter rider.
  • Pedestrian trips on a scooter that is left in front of a building or on the sidewalk.

If you are involved in an electric scooter accident, the one who pays for damages and other forms of compensation will depend on who was at fault.

Below are some scenarios you can take into account when if you ever get involved in an electric scooter crash and sustain physical injuries or property damage:

  • Scooter manufacturer at fault – If a scooter malfunction caused the electric bike accident, the company who manufactured the vehicle might be liable for the damages. The problem here is that some scooter manufacturers have apps that contain a user agreement in which riders release the company from all liability in case of an accident caused by their product.
  • Rider at fault for another person’s injury – The motorist may be liable if he or she hits someone while riding the scooter, or if another driver crashes as a result of an attempt to avoid hitting a negligent scooter rider.
  • Business at fault for road hazards – If a scooter rider is injured because of construction material left on the roadway, or due to improperly placed signage, then the business’ insurance carrier may shoulder the damages caused by the accident.

Electric scooter accidents can cause a handful of scooter deaths in a year. They also bring about a myriad of physical injuries. These include but are not limited to the following:

  • Cuts, scrapes, and bruises
  • Sprained or strained limbs
  • Broken bones
  • Mild to severe concussions
  • Neck injuries or back injuries
  • Spinal cord injury

Seek Counsel From Topnotch Personal Injury Lawyers

People who fall victim to electric scooter accidents and other vehicular crashes make the mistake of pursuing their claims on their own. Doing so would only put you in at a great disadvantage given that the party at fault might have more resources than you. Scooter manufacturer companies, for example, will employ insurance adjusters as well as seasoned defense lawyers to challenge your claim. Insurance adjusters will frustrate your claim while defense lawyers will try to exploit technicalities or loopholes in your case to keep their clients from being held liable and paying for damages. Additionally, these factors, coupled with your lack of knowledge of proper legal proceedings, may cause you to waive your charges unintentionally, thus getting little to no compensation. These circumstances make pursuing your case alone ill-advised as it may jeopardize the outcome.

To make sure you receive just compensation for electric scooter injuries, seek professional help from a seasoned Los Angeles car accident lawyer at Mesriani Law Group. Our electric bike accident lawyers have extensive knowledge and experience needed to represent victims of such unfortunate events. Having professional help will progress your claim in an orderly manner as well as prevent the other party from making you agree to one-sided settlements or preventing you from getting the right amount of compensation you deserve. We do not only provide personalized care to our clients but will also be relentless in our efforts to defend your rights in court. With the help of one of our Los Angeles electric scooter accident attorneys, we guarantee that you will have the best legal protection to secure proper compensation and justice.

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Mesriani Law Group specializes in a wide array of legal practices. We have the most knowledgeable lawyers and paralegals who are adept in handling electric scooter accidents in California. Our team of attorneys has extensive knowledge of representing victims of such accidents. Along with this, our law firm also has the best legal professionals for many other personal injury cases and vehicular accidents.

Mesriani Law represents different California counties, including Orange County and Los Angeles. We also serve various California cities such as Beverly Hills, Burbank, Huntington Beach, and more. Contact us now to represent for your legal requirements.

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