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Personal injury accidents happen on a daily basis. The usual types of negligence accidents are traffic accidents relating to auto accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle and bicycle accidents or premise liability accidents stemming from slip and fall, dog bites, medical malpractice claims, and injuries caused by defective products. However, aside from these types of accidents there are general torts cases not strictly relating to said accidents. Although they don’t count as traffic accident or premise liability accident, general negligence accidents can still cause serious harm to victims.

General negligence accidents happen when a victim is injured due to the carelessness of another. Under California laws, parties at fault for general negligence accidents are liable to victims under the legal theory of negligence, which is the failure of the person or entity to exercise reasonable care or diligence in the performance of any rights or obligations. Hence, if you are injured by another person, which is not intentional, then you have a right to claim negligence compensation for the consequent damages you incurred, which include property damage, actual medical costs, future medical care, loss of earnings and pain and suffering and other non-economic losses.

If you want to make sure that you are able to claim the highest compensation you deserve, you should never leave your claims to chance. Seek legal help from Mesriani Law Group’s expert general negligence attorneys in Los Angeles who have vast experience and resources to fight tooth and nail for your rights against negligent and careless individuals who caused you and your family harm.

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What To Do In Case of General Negligence Claims?

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A lot of people believe that they can only file personal injury claims when they get injured in accidents relating to traffic accidents like car accident, bicycle accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident or bus accident or premise liability accidents like trip and fall, slip and fall, dog bite, explosions and fire and construction accident.

However, there are other accidents that, even though not technical under traffic accidents or premise liability accidents, can cause serious injuries to victims. In these cases, you should be aware that you can still file for damages against the party at fault under the general negligence theory.

General negligence claims arise when a persona is injured due to the carelessness of another, under the legal theory that failure of the person or entity to exercise reasonable care or diligence in the performance of any rights or obligations will arise in obligations to injured parties resulting from such recklessness or carelessness.

Damages to be Claimed from the Party at Fault

Therefore, if you are injured due to negligence or lack of foresight or care of another person, you have the right to seek reparation for any damage or bodily injuries you suffered as a result, which include:

  • Property damage,

  • Actual medical costs,

  • Future medical care,

  • Loss of earnings claim if employed;

  • Loss of prospective revenue if operating a business;

  • Pain and suffering;

  • Non-economic losses; and

  • Punitive damages.

Don’t Negotiate on Your Own

Don’t commit the mistake of trying to negotiate on your own because you want to save money in legal fees because you will be losing more. The party at fault will surely be represented by insurance adjuster or defense counsel who has the experience and know how in analyzing and denying your claims. You are obviously not trained in negotiations techniques and moreover, you are not familiar with the technical rules of procedures in pursuing personal injury claims.

If you want to get the best compensation you deserve, you need to seek legal help from personal injury experts who have experience in representing victims of all types of personal injury accidents, to include general torts cases.

Evidence Required to Prove Your Claim

Basic is the precept in any legal claim that the accuser should prove his claim against the person being accused. This finds relevance even to general negligence cases. Hence, to prove your claim, you need to show the following:

  • Proof of the accident by pictures or video evidence;

  • Documents showing injuries you suffered by means of providing pictures, medical records and witness declarations;

  • Police report or incident report to show the accident and its consequences; and

  • Proof of the value of your claims by showing medical bills and proof of loss of income, among other things.

Don’t delay your claim. Seek help from top personal injury lawyers and let them provide you with the best legal representation for your general torts claims.


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My father and I were in a bad auto accident where my car got totaled. Glad I called Mesriani Law group and although my father's case took a bit longer but Amelda was on top of it with many follow ups. I highly recommend Mesriani Law Group if you want close personal attention.
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I had a great experience with Mesriani Law Group. Rodney Mesriani took very good care of me ,during my case. Made me feel safe and gave me strength in the moment of vulnerability I was going through. Him and his staff are very professional, would recommend him to any one in need of an OUTSTANDING ATTORNEY.
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