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Medical malpractice refers to negligence committed by health care providers who violate the standard of care mandated by the government and the medical institution in providing aid or care to patients. Medical negligence cases can be the result of failure to meet the standard of care of a patient to failure to take appropriate medical action required by the patient’s condition or situation. If you have been misdiagnosed or failed to be diagnosed after seeking medical treatment from a hospital or clinic, then you are already are a victim of medical malpractice.

In California, a neglected patient has the right to seek reparation for injuries and damages, which include actual medical costs, future medical care, loss of earnings, pain and suffering and other losses. However, it is not easy to claim medical malpractice damages against any health care provider. Aside from the fact that it is hard to prove negligence, the other party will definitely be represented by insurance companies and even defense lawyers who are adept in defending the rights of their clients. Also, due to the amount involved and the serious repercussions against the negligent party, they might not even be amenable to settle the claim and opt to go to court to provide their defense.

If you are serious in claiming compensation for your medical malpractice injuries and damages, you need to contact Mesriani Law Group’s aggressive medical malpractice attorneys in Los Angeles who have decades of experience in putting the negligent medical providers to task for their lack of care towards their patients. As of date, we have already obtained hundreds of millions in award of damages to all our personal injury clients.

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What To Do In Case of Medical Malpractice Claims?

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Getting injured after an accident is bad enough. However some accident victims, instead of getting treated for their injuries are being inflicted with additional injuries, pain and suffering by some negligent and incompetent medical providers who should not be in the medical help profession.

What is Medical Malpractice?

Medical malpractice refers to negligence committed by health care providers who violate the standard of care mandated by the government in providing aid or care to patients. These medical providers could be the doctors, nurses, nurse aids, radiology technicians and other medical service care providers.

If you are not properly treated, mistreated by your medical care provider, failed to be diagnosed, misdiagnosed or provided the wrong treatment or operation for your injuries, then you are a victim of medical malpractice.

Value of Your Case

The value of your case depends upon the quantum or evidence or proof you can present in the negotiations table or in the proper courts of law. California law subscribes to the “collateral source rule”, which means that the amount that you can receive for all your documented damages are not limited to the limits of insurance coverage of the party at fault. If the insurance coverage is not enough, then the actual liable party is held liable for the balance of your claims.

Also, the value of your case does not only relate to your actual costs as the law provides compensation for pain and suffering and other non-monetary losses. The other party can even be liable for punitive damages in cases where it is established that he acted in abject disregard of the welfare of the patient.

When Can You File Your Claim?

As a personal injury victim, you should immediately file your claim for damages against the party at fault at the first instance that you realize that you are being wronged. In California, you only have 3 years from the time that the injury occurs or one year from the date you discover the injury caused by the medical practice, whichever is earlier.

If you failed, within the said time frame, to pursue your claim, you will forever be barred from seeking damages for the incident. Hence, don’t sit on your right and immediately seek legal help to aid you in claiming the best compensation you deserve.

Seek Help From Top Personal Injury Attorneys

It is definitely not easy to obtain medical negligence compensation against the party at fault. Due to the amount of claims involved, which could reach in the hundreds of thousands or even millions, depending on the seriousness of your injuries, the other party will be definitely aggressively protected by insurance adjusters and defense lawyers to make sure that their client escape liability.

If you are serious in going after the medical providers who cause you additional pain and suffering, seek help only from highly skilled medical malpractice attorneys who have vast experience in all aspects of medical malpractice law and the legal processes. Act fast and act wisely. Seek legal help today to get the maximum compensation you deserve.


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My father and I were in a bad auto accident where my car got totaled. Glad I called Mesriani Law group and although my father's case took a bit longer but Amelda was on top of it with many follow ups. I highly recommend Mesriani Law Group if you want close personal attention.
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I had a great experience with Mesriani Law Group. Rodney Mesriani took very good care of me ,during my case. Made me feel safe and gave me strength in the moment of vulnerability I was going through. Him and his staff are very professional, would recommend him to any one in need of an OUTSTANDING ATTORNEY.
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