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Motorcycle accidents happen as a result of a lot of factors, which include negligence of the other driver, road conditions and even weather conditions. However, the most common reason for traffic accidents like motorcycle mishaps is human error. As you can imagine, motorcycles are no match against cars and even SUVs or trucks and buses when it comes to collisions. You should know that although not all motorcycle mishaps are serious, some of them can be very devastating and could cause debilitating and lasting injuries to motorcycle accident victims, which may even result in wrongful death. If you are involved in a motorcycle mishap, you will definitely suffer some if not all of the foregoing injuries from spine injuries, fractures, burn injuries, head injury and even brain injury.

Treatments of injuries suffered by motorcycle accident victims can reach in the hundreds of thousands if not millions, especially if there is a need to undergo surgeries and post-op care. This is why it is never a good idea to attempt to negotiate your claims on your own against the party at fault or his insurance carrier because you will be going against experts in personal injury claims negotiations.

To make sure that you will not be taken advantage of by the other party during claims negotiations you should seek help only from Mesriani Law Group’s aggressive motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles who have two decades of experience in representing victims of serious accidents throughout California. Aside from being relentless in court, we are also known for providing personalized client care to our clients and their families. We make sure that you will be protected legally and psychologically from the effects of your accident.

Dealing With Bike Accidents

Riding motorcycles are definitely faster and less costly than using cars and other vehicles in going to and from work. However, it could be more costly in terms of injuries and medical treatments in cases of motorcycle accidents. A motorcycle rider, when figuring into an accident or collision with other vehicles, can reasonably result in physical injuries not limited to scratches and bruises to spine injuries, head injury, brain injury and other internal injuries. In some cases, victims even suffer wrongful death due to the force of the impact or lack of safety gear by the rider.

Reasons for Bike Accidents

There are different reasons why motorcycle accidents happen in California. However, statistics show that the following are the major causes of any vehicle accident:

  1. Human error or negligence,
  2. Lack of training in riding motorcycles,
  3. Failure to provide timely repair or maintenance,
  4. Product liability or defective motorcycles, and
  5. Driving under the influence of alcohol or other substances while riding motorcycles.

In California, there are laws that mandate that motorcycle riders wear helmet and other safety gears. You should know that these laws are not meant to curtail your rights but, the opposite, they were enacted to make sure that you are well protected in case of accidents.

Awards for Motorcycle Accident Claims

In California, motorcycle accident victims have the right, under torts laws, to seek damages against the party at fault. Generally, a motorcycle rider victim can demand the following compensation from the part at fault:

  1. Property damagerelating to the repair or replacement of the motorcycle, including reasonable amount for rental and storage fees as well as other personal belongings;
  2. Actual medical costsfor your examinations, evaluations and treatments, including surgeries and post-operative care and even for medication;
  3. Future medical carefor recommended treatments post-discharge by treating physicians;
  4. Lost earnings/lost revenuedue to absence from or inability to do work, which includes future or prospective loss of income, as well as inability to operate or oversee businesses owned by the victim;
  5. Pain and sufferingthis relates to emotional pain and psychological trauma;
  6. Punitive damagesas provided by law against serious lack of care by the party at fault.

Treatments of injuries suffered by motorcycle accident victims are no laughing matter. The medical bills alone can reach in the hundreds of thousands if not millions. Hence, in order to make sure that you are able to get the maximum compensation you deserve against the other party, do not attempt to negotiate your claims on your own. You should instead, seek help from expert personal injury lawyers who have the experience and the resources to fight for your rights.

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