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Pedestrian injuries and accidents happen when an individual walking along the streets, parking areas, or open spaces is hit by a vehicle. Due to the limited protection that is given to pedestrians on the road and the fragile anatomy of the human body, pedestrian accident victims almost always suffer serious injuries. Even with the existence of traffic barriers, pedestrian crossings, fences, and bollards, pedestrian car accidents can still happen anytime. A hit and run, for example, usually occurs out of the negligence of drivers. These happen when drivers get distracted by activities such as eating, texting, and answering their phones while driving, along with other external factors that cause the driver’s attention to deviate from the road ahead.

Every individual who is involved in a pedestrian mishap can sustain spinal damage along with brain and head injuries as well as psychological trauma. In worst cases, the victims can even suffer partial paralysis, total paralysis, or even wrongful death. Along with these injuries are a series of examinations and treatments to address and alleviate pain, ranging from X-rays to MRIs, from physical therapy to surgical procedures. These treatments can reach hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars depending on the gravity of the sustained injuries, which can be a financial burden to the victim.

Naturally, the best course of action is to pursue your claims against the party at fault. However, continuing to pursue claims without knowing what you are up against and on your own is ill-advised. This is not advisable since you will be facing insurance adjusters who are well-trained in scrutinizing and denying physical injury claims to protect their clients. If you are serious about getting the justice you deserve, you need to have the best legal support. Seek help from Mesriani Law Group, one of the most prolific pedestrian accident law firms in Los Angeles.

Mesriani’s Los Angeles pedestrian accident lawyers have two decades of experience in fighting for the legal rights of personal injury and fatal pedestrian accident victims. Our advocacy and aggressive representation have resulted in hundreds of millions in compensation recovered for our clients throughout California.

What to Do in Case of a Pedestrian Accident?

If you get hit by any type of vehicle while walking on the streets or in private parking areas, you will definitely suffer injuries. Sometimes, no matter how careful you are, accidents still happen due to the negligence of third parties. The only thing you can do is make sure that, when this occurs, you are able to get the best care and compensation for your pain, suffering, and losses.

Injuries Resulting from Pedestrian Mishaps

It is not surprising to consider that even the slightest collision with even a small car or motor vehicle, as well as heavy objects in motion such as trucks and vans, could lead to bruises and fractures. This is because the human body is not built to withstand significant amounts of blunt force trauma. More serious pedestrian accidents, such as getting hit by a car, can lead to severe injuries such as fractures and spinal, head, and brain injuries. These accidents can result in permanent, long-term damage, pain, suffering, trauma, or even wrongful death.

Receive Just Compensation to Cover High Medical Costs

To ensure that pedestrian accident victims are no longer in danger and that they can go back to their healthy state, appropriate and extensive treatments and medications are required. These medical treatments can include X-rays, MRIs, lab tests, neurological tests, chiropractic care, physical therapy sessions, orthopedic therapies, as well as epidural injections and surgeries. These medical treatments are costly. Therefore it is crucial to ensure that the victim gets the maximum compensation they rightfully deserve from the negligent party. This will make up for the expensive treatments and other losses the pedestrian injuries may have caused.

Legalities of Personal Injury Accident Claims

A driver who violates California Vehicle Codes and other traffic rules and regulations resulting in an accident can easily be penalized for his or her mistakes. However, there are also cases wherein drivers can still be made liable for your injuries even if they did not violate any traffic laws. This is where the tort law applies. Tort laws make sure that the party at fault is held liable for damages caused by recklessness or lack of foresight, whether or not the said cause resulted in a violation of a law or regulation. Tort laws, in other words, impose the liability to the violator in question through the power of the state for as long as claimants are able to show and prove that the violator’s negligence directly caused the injuries and losses they have suffered.

However, knowing the law does not automatically translate to a favorable verdict on your claims against the party at fault. There are legal procedures that you still need to take into consideration when pursuing your claims. These procedures include determining and proving the following:

  • The accident actually happened;
  • The party at fault is obligated to provide due care or violated a law or regulation;
  • That you suffered damages, injuries, and losses as a result of said act or omission.

In addition to these, victims need to prove through concrete evidence the actual amount of claims they are demanding against the other party in question and whether or not the allegations are justifiable. It is also important to note that the documentation of medical bills is essential in justifying any future medical care or future lost earnings.

Hire a Seasoned Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Attorney

Pedestrian car accident victims should never negotiate on their own with the other party, be it filing complaints or arranging settlements, without the aid of a personal injury lawyer. Apart from insurance companies who are adept in denying your claims, you may also be faced with lawyers who are naturally more knowledgeable than you in negotiating or litigating torts cases. These lawyers prey on clueless claimants, exploiting loopholes and disproving their claims, thus preventing them from getting the proper compensation that they deserve. Therefore, a personal injury attorney is what you need to know the appropriate legal actions to prove your claims and avoid being taken advantage of by the opposing party. Hire the best Los Angeles traffic accident attorney to assist you in fighting for your rights and getting the maximum compensation you deserve against the party at fault.

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