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If you are involved in a personal injury accident, like car accident, bike accident, motorcycle accident, bus accident or even slip and fall accident, construction accident or animal attack, you will definitely suffer damages and injuries, which include property damage, bodily injuries and emotional and psychological trauma, among others. Common to people who suffer bodily injuries sustain spinal cord injuries, which are always serious as they cause great pain due to cord impingement and could even result in loss of use of some bodily functions. In case of cervical spine bulges or lumbar spine protrusions alone, you will need to undergo immediate medical attention which entails hundreds of thousands or even millions in medical bills for your evaluations and treatments.

In California, in case of personal injury accidents, you have a right to seek reparation for all the consequent damages you incur or suffer as a result of the other party’s negligence. Hence, to make sure that you are not made to shoulder your own medical expense, you need to seek legal help from Mesriani Law Group’s best spinal cord injury attorneys in Los Angeles who have decades of successful experience in representing victims of serious personal injury accidents.

Don’t commit the mistake of trying to negotiate your claims against the other party because you will definitely be at a disadvantage. It is one thing to know that you have a right to claim spinal cord injury damages against the other party and another thing to actually pursue your rights against the party at fault. The burden rests on you to prove your claim and you will definitely be faced by insurance adjusters and lawyers who are experts at scrutinizing and denying insurance claims.

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What To Do In Case of Spinal Cord Injury Claim?

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All types of injuries suffered by a person involved in a personal injury accident can lead to serious and debilitating consequences. Especially in cases of spinal cord injuries, the victim will experience serious pain due to cord impingement. Some victims of spinal cord injuries even suffer either loss of use of some bodily functions or even result to wrongful death.

If you are involved in traffic accidents in California, from auto accidents, bicycle and bike accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrian accidents, bus accidents and even truck accidents and train accidents, you could definitely suffer spinal cord injury like cervical spine bulges or lumbar spine protrusions. With this type of injury, you will definitely need to undergo immediate medical attention which includes x-rays, MRIs, chiropractic care, orthopaedic treatment and even surgeries and post-op care.

As you know, these treatments can be very expensive and you should not be burdened by medical expenses, which should be paid by the party at fault. However, as with any other personal injury claim, spinal cord injury claims is difficult to obtain, and this is due to:

  • Insurance Adjusters - You will face insurance adjusters who are well trained in defending their insured from liability.
  • Defence Lawyers -You may even face defence lawyers who will do everything to deny your claims.
  • Statute of Limitations – You only have a set number of years when you can file for personal injury claims. If you are not able to file your claim within the period, you will be barred from ever claiming damages against the party at fault for the same incident.
  • Tort Laws – Your legal basis for your claims against the negligent party rests generally on tort laws to which you are not familiar with.

Knowing what you know above, negotiating your own claims is definitely not an option. Considering the serious amounts involved for your spinal cord injury treatments alone, you should definitely seek help from top personal injury lawyers who can help you prepare your case and present your claims whether through negotiations or in court litigation.

Remember that, as the claimant, the burden rests on you to prove your claims, which include providing evidence for the following elements of your claim:

  • The fact that the personal injury accident actually happened;

  • The negligent party is mandated to provide the level of diligence required in the situation;

  • Negligence on the part of the other party to provide the required level of diligence;

  • That said failure of the other party resulted in the accident; and

  • That the accident caused you damages and bodily injuries resulting in your spinal cord trauma.

Therefore, if you are serious in claiming damages against the party at fault, gathering evidence and seeking help from top personal injury lawyer is your best chance at claiming the maximum compensation you deserve against the party at fault.

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