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Work related injuries are injuries suffered by employees not only inside work premises or offices. There are injuries suffered by employees in traffic accidents or premise accidents that happen in relation to an employee's work. If you experience any type of personal injury accident whether it be traffic accident or premise accident related to work, then you can definitely claim work related injury claims against your employer.

Aside from the foregoing, there are injuries suffered at work that are not readily apparent or not caused by immediate negligent accidents. Examples of these injuries are carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems and even internal health problems due to exposure to substances or toxic materials for long terms. As a victim of work related injuries, you are entitled to be provided with complete medical treatments to address your pain symptoms, from undergoing x-rays, MRIs, lab tests, neurological tests, chiropractic care, physical therapy treatments, orthopedic treatments and even epidural injections and surgeries. You should not be made to suffer the expenses for your treatments as you have a right to claim damages against the parties at fault.

However, knowing that you have a right to be provided compensation and actually claiming these rights are two different matters altogether. You will definitely be going after your employers or other parties who have the resources and connections to frustrate your claims. Hence, to better protect your rights, you need to seek legal representation from Mesriani Law Group’s diligent work injury attorneys in Los Angeles who have been protecting the rights of worker victims for over two decades now.

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How To Pursue Your Work Injury Claims?

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Employees suffer work related injuries on a daily basis. Whether it be a traffic accident or a premise liability accident, so long as you suffer the accident while at work or in relation to work like when you are going to a meeting or delivering something to a client, you have a right to claim work injury damages against your employer. Some employees, however, don’t know if they have a right against their employer because they are not sure if their accident can be considered as work related or that if their injuries were actually caused because of doing work for their employer.

Types of Work Injuries

There are two types of work injuries based on the manner in which the victim incurred or suffer his injuries and they are as follows:

  • Immediate or apparent injuries

    – these injuries are work related injuries that are caused by accidents. In this type of work injury you can immediately connect the cause and effect being: negligence accidents as the cause and bodily injuries as the result.
  • Non-apparent injuries

    – these are work related injuries that are suffered by employees over a period of time because of being exposed to chemicals or other working conditions, resulting in carpal tunnel syndrome, back problems and even internal health or organ problems.

It is therefore important that you understand how you incurred said injuries in order for you to be able to properly act and claim damages against the party at fault.

Insurance Coverage by Employers on Work Related Injuries

As an employee in California, you must be made aware that your employer is obligated to provide you with a safe working environment. Aside from this, your employer is also mandated to obtain insurance for its workers, known as worker’s compensation insurance. This type of insurance is a no fault claim wherein an employee injured at work can readily claim a certain sum in case of injury at work, whether the injury is partly caused by the employee.

How to Claim Workplace Injury Compensation?

In every personal injury accident, the claimant must prove the following:

  • The fact that the accident actually happened by providing documentary and testamentary evidence;

  • That the accident happened while at work or while doing work related activities outside the work place. There must be a relation between the accident and your work or at least that the accident inside work premises; and

  • The causal connection between the accident and your injuries.

Obtaining evidence to support the above claims are just part of the task. To successfully claim compensation against your employer, you must know the law and the legal processes involved. Otherwise, your claim might automatically be denied for some technical reason.

Get Help from Expert Personal Injury Law Firms

A lot of employees commit the basic mistake of undermining the complexity of the claims process. Although you may have an idea of your rights and the general processes in starting your claim, it does not mean that you are capable of dealing with insurance adjusters and defence lawyers representing your employer. To even the odds and make sure that you are successful in your claim, your only chance is by seeking help from lawyers who have vast knowledge and success in pursuing work injury related claims.


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