4 Common Types of Bike Crash Injuries

Author: Mesriani Law Group
Posted on: August 25, 2020

Bicycles offer an alternative mode of transportation for getting around Los Angeles and its busy streets. Cyclists enjoy biking as it offers many benefits including reduced transportation costs and environmental benefit to the planet.

However, there are numerous risks involved with bike riding and accidents happen very often. There are many types of bike crashes but some of the most common causes include:

Getting Hit by a Car

Bicycles are significantly smaller in size compared to cars. Due to its size, sometimes drivers fail to see a bike on the road and ends up crashing into it. Other times, drivers are distracted and fail to notice the bicycles around them.

A common example is of a car failing to stop at a stop sign. A driver sometimes conducts the “California Roll”, where the driver doesn’t come to a complete stop at a stop sign. This dangerous and illegal action of the driver leads to a bike accident as a cyclist continues through an intersection or pulls forward to stop at the stop sign.

Due to its size, getting hit by a car can cause serious injuries even if you’re wearing safety equipment.

Cars Driving in Bike Lanes 

One of the most common reasons for bicycle accidents are because cars are driving in in designated bike lanes. Although bike lanes are becoming increasingly popular in California, some drivers still fail to adhere to these laws. Sadly, many times drivers end up hitting bicycles even when they are operating in their designated bike lanes.

Additionally, California laws state that bikers don’t have to only use designated bike lanes. Generally speaking, bikers have the same rights as drivers and can use a full lane to ride.

Dangerous Road Conditions

Bike crashes don’t always involve another vehicle or person. Sometimes, bikers get injured because dangerous road conditions make it difficult to prevent an injury. Potholes and manhole covers are common dangerous road conditions that led to bike crashes in Los Angeles.

Getting Doored

Getting hit by a car door is one of the scariest accidents that can happen to a bicyclist. This type of crash happens often at a red light – where a cyclist is waiting in the bicycle lane. As the lights turn green, the cyclist inches forward getting ready to turn right but a car crashes into the cyclist because the driver failed to look for the bike.

Regardless of the reason, bike accidents can cause serious injuries. Some common injuries include cuts, bruises, broken legs, or torn ligaments. More serious injuries include brain or head trauma, neck or lower back injuries, and even bike-related deaths.

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