Fighting Against Religious Discrimination In The Workplace

Author: Mesriani Law Group
Posted on: December 1, 2017

Religious discrimination is both harmful and unlawful in that it saps the morale of the employees and it is punishable by state and federal laws.

Religious discrimination happens when you are discriminated against in regards to hiring, firing, compensation, conditions of work and other conditions of employment on account of your religion or religious affiliation. If you are a victim of religious discrimination in California you have a right to seek damages against your erring employer.

Laws Against Religious Discrimination at Work

Under the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, religious discrimination is any harmful act against employees at work on account of their religion. Accordingly, federal laws protect these employees not only for being a member of a certain religion and for practicing those religious beliefs and traditions but also those who affiliate themselves with certain types of religion although they are a member of another religion or sect. Also, religious discrimination does not only protect the more popular religious beliefs like Christianity and Islam or Hinduism but also protects other belief systems like atheism, agnosticism and the like.

Examples of Religious Discrimination or Harassment at Work

There are overt and covert ways employers perpetrate religious harassment or discrimination in the workplace and these include:

  1. Implementing office policies that are offensive to religious beliefs;
  2. Perpetuating offensive jokes and conversations;
  3. Unjustly withholding promotions and other benefits;
  4. Forcing employees to attend or practice one form of religious activity in the office;
  5. Imposing more serious punishment against employees of a certain religious belief system; or
  6. Disparity in working conditions.

Legal Help for Violation of Legal Accommodation Resulting in Religious Discrimination

Under the EEOC your employer is also obligated to provide you with reasonable accommodation for the practice of your religion. If you are requesting the use of an unused room during lunchtime to pray your employer should provide you this reasonable accommodation. If not, your employer is guilty of religious discrimination and you can seek legal help from expert religious discrimination lawyers in California to make sure that your employee rights are protected at work.