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Civil rights and liberties do not exclusively apply to free speech and right to life, travel, or suffrage. They also find specific applications at work and in the workplace. If you are a victim of discrimination at work, be it in the from age, national origin, gender, disability, religious, pregnancy, or racial discrimination, then your employer may have violated your civil rights. Any act in violation of the public policy domain is also a civil rights violation.

In any of the preceding instances of discrimination or harassment, you should know that you have the right to seek compensation for your actual damages and other types of compensation, ranging from monetary damages and losses, pain and suffering, to other non-monetary losses you suffered against the erring party.

In some instances, you can even claim punitive damages against your employer if you can prove that your employer acted in gross violation of the law or utter disregard of your civil liberties protected by the California Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

It is one thing to know about your rights, but getting the proper compensation you deserve is a whole different story. Due to the numerous laws enforcing civil rights protection, you will be ill-equipped to apply them appropriately to your situation. The best thing to do before you file a complaint is to seek guidance from an expert civil rights attorney who has decades of experience in protecting the employment and labor law rights of employees in California.

Not all employment lawyers can handle serious civil rights violations in the workplace. Hence, if you are serious in filing a lawsuit and claiming the maximum compensation from your unjust employer, then your best course of action is to seek legal assistance from a Los Angeles-based law firm like Mesriani Law Group. We have expert employment discrimination lawyers who are well-respected in the legal community for their zeal in protecting the rights of all California workers.

Learn to Protect Your Civil Rights at Work

Your civil rights are fundamental aspects of your life in society. Countless lives have been lost in laying the foundations of the civil rights you enjoy today. These rights are enforceable anywhere and at any time and therefore, should always be respected in any work setting. If your employer violates any of these rights, then you have a right to file a civil rights lawsuit for damages, if not a criminal case against your employer.

Civil rights refer to the rights of an employee to a work environment that is free from harassment or discrimination. Hence, if you are unjustly treated or discriminated, whether it is in the form of age, racial, gender, disability, religious, pregnancy, national origin, or workers’ compensation discrimination, then you are a victim of civil rights violation at work.

Reasons Why Civil Rights Violations Are Prevalent

Although it is clear that workers have the same civil rights as their employer, the latter can still commit violations of their employees’ civil rights on account of the following reasons:

  • Gross disrespect of the employer against his employees;
  • Ignorance of employment and labor laws;
  • Fear of employees in filing cases against employers;
  • Lack of employees’ knowledge of the legal processes involved in pursuing their rights; and
  • Lack of resources by employees in filing claims against their employers.

If you are not aware of what rights you have, read and familiarize yourself with them as they are vital aspects of your life as an employee. You need to know your rights to protect yourself at work and from a hostile work environment. Aside from this, seeking legal advice from a civil rights attorney will give you the best chance in understanding the due process of law and the legal processes involved that are also available to you.
Additionally, you don’t need to worry about paying expensive legal fees because there are a lot of competent civil lawsuit lawyers who accept contingency-based representation. This means that you don’t have to pay anything upfront to the lawyer once he or she has accepted your case. Instead, there will be an agreement stating that a certain percentage of the awards given to you will be used or paid as attorney’s fees. Hence, the financial aspect should not be a hindrance in pursuing your claim against your unjust employer.

What Should You Prove in Case of Civil Rights Violation Claims?

In order for your civil rights case to prosper, you need to prove certain basic legal elements to support your claim. These include the following:

  • The civil rights violated by the employer;
  • Employment documents showing that you are competent with your work;
  • The manner in which the civil rights violation was carried out; and
  • The damages and consequences of your employer’s disregard for civil rights protection policies.

Seek Legal Help From Top Employment and Labor Law Attorneys

Many employees have committed the mistake of filing their cases on their own or negotiating their claims against their employers without having support from any lawyer or legal counsel. More often than not, their cases either get automatically thrown out for failure to follow correct legal procedures or their claims become watered down and end up with less compensation that they are entitled to. Some even have the unfortunate chance of getting their case denied due to lack of evidence, making them end up with no compensation at all.

In case of settlement negotiations, going at it alone is ill-advised and will be a disadvantage for you since your employer will be represented by insurance adjusters and civil lawsuit attorneys who will do everything to protect their clients from claims and liabilities. To make sure that you have a fighting chance to claim the proper compensation for all your damages, pain and suffering and other losses caused by your employer, seeking proper legal services is your best choice. Consult with Mesriani Law Group to get the best Los Angeles civil rights attorney today.

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