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Former American Airlines Employee Sues Company For Harassment

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Monte Johnson, a former customer service agent for American Airlines (AA), filed a lawsuit against AA and AA manager Kimberly Bailey for wrongful termination, gender-based discrimination, identity-based discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

Johnson is transgender and identifies as a woman. According to her suit, AA was aware of her transgender identity, but she was still referred to a “he” or “him” and was identified as a male by the airline’s management and employees.

Johnson also cites that a co-worker continually asked her if she’s already had her sex change and that she would always reply that those questions were inappropriate.

According to the suit, Johnson claims that she had repeatedly complained about the harassment. Management ignored her complaints. Instead, they discriminated against her based on her gender identity and retaliated against her.

In July 2016, Johnson was authorized by a passenger to collect personal information, but mistakenly called a different passenger. Johnson quickly ended that call as soon as she realized the mishap.

Bailey and another manager then closely observed and controlled every task of Johnson’s. They also criticized Johnson for all of her tasks and duties. Johnson became the target of Bailey’s retaliation.

Johnson claims that she was the only employee being constantly harassed and attacked with negative and adverse comments about her work, despite being a long-time and experienced employee.

Johnson suit also included numerous other incidents of retaliation. Johnson felt that the harassment became worse and the more she complained, the worse the retaliation.

Johnson worried that she would lose her job, so she complained to her union.

In Johnson’s suit, she alleges being wrongfully fired in 2018, soon after she complained to AA and her union about discrimination and inappropriate comments by her colleagues at the workplace.

A spokesperson from American Airlines said in a statement that they are “reviewing the allegations of the complaint” and also added that “American Airlines has an unwavering commitment to its LGBTQ team members and we’re committed to providing a safe and comfortable environment for everyone who works at our airline.”

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