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Mesriani Law Group has provided exceptional legal support in employment and labor law discrimination cases for over 25 years in Santa Monica, California. Our team comprises expert Santa Monica employment attorneys dedicated to safeguarding your rights and providing comprehensive representation throughout your case.

Our legal services cater to individuals affected by employment and labor law violations. This includes handling cases of wrongful termination based on discrimination, class action litigations, workplace harassment, and retaliation, among other employment-related disputes. If you find yourself in a situation where your workplace rights are compromised or if you have faced wrongful termination, our employment lawyers are here to assist in obtaining fair compensation for your employment claim.

At Mesriani Law Group, we are committed to advocating for employees who have suffered at the hands of unfair employment practices. Our approach is tailored to each unique case and ensures diligent and robust representation. For those in Santa Monica seeking assistance with employment law matters, our professional employment attorneys are ready to provide expert guidance and support. Contact us today to explore your legal options and benefit from our comprehensive assistance.

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    Award-Winning Employment Lawyers


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    Why Should I Hire an Employment Lawyer?

    Navigating employment related challenges like harassment or discrimination can be daunting. Fortunately, there are robust laws in place to protect employee rights. Understanding these rights and the complexity of legal action often requires the expertise of an expert Santa Monica employment lawyer. Here are key reasons to consider hiring an employment lawyer:

    1. Resolving Workplace Problems: Facing adversity in a hostile work environment is tough but it shouldn’t force you to consider leaving your job. An employment attorney can evaluate your situation and advise on strategies that allow you to maintain your position without compromising your well-being.
    2. Combatting Harassment and Discrimination: Despite numerous laws aimed at preventing harassment and discrimination, these issues persist in the workplace. If you’re experiencing such mistreatment, an employment lawyer can guide you through your legal options and support you in navigating the legal process.
    3. Negotiating Severance Packages: For long-serving employees, a fair and agreeable severance package can be a significant benefit for when they retire or transition to new employment. Employment attorneys can negotiate with employers to secure an adequate severance agreement that is mutually beneficial to ensure a smoother transition for both parties.
    4. Assistance with Termination: The loss of employment can have a profound impact on your financial stability. An employment lawyer plays a crucial role in ensuring fair treatment from your employer and strives to secure the most favorable outcome in terms of compensation and benefits based on your specific circumstances.
    5. Filing Wage Claims: California state laws provide stringent rules on how employees are to be paid. Wage violations are a very serious offense and employers have a duty to fulfill their obligations to ensure that their employees are paid promptly and in accordance with CA minimum wage and overtime standards.

    Why Choose Mesriani Law Group?

    Contingency Fee Basis

    Mesriani Law Group stands by a client-focused contingency fee arrangement. This means our clients are not obligated to pay unless we successfully resolve their case which emphasizes our commitment to results without financial risk to you.

    Established Success

    Since our inception in 1996, Mesriani Law Group has established itself as a leading law firm in California. Our successful track record is reflected in the hundreds of millions of dollars we've recovered for clients, which showcases our effective strategies and proven results.

    Skilled Employment and Labor Law Professionals

    Under the leadership of Rodney Mesriani, our team of skilled attorneys brings over two decades of expertise and a dedicated approach to defending the rights of those affected by employment and labor law infringements.

    Highly Rated by Clients

    Our diverse client base that spans various backgrounds and claim sizes, consistently rates Mesriani Law Group highly across platforms like Yelp, Avvo, and Google. This reflects our commitment to client satisfaction and success.

    Multilingual Team for Enhanced Communication

    At Mesriani Law Group, we prioritize clear and effective communication. Our friendly, professional team is equipped to assist in several languages including Farsi and Spanish to ensure we're always ready to address your concerns and questions.

    Round-the-Clock Accessibility

    We offer 24/7 availability for consultations to ensure we are available for our clients. Should circumstances prevent you from visiting our office, we're flexible and can meet at a location of your choosing to provide uninterrupted support throughout your legal journey.

    How Our Santa Monica Lawyers Help with Employment Law Claims

    Navigating the selection of a Santa Monica employment lawyers can be challenging. At Mesriani Law Group, we empathize with the challenges faced in hostile work environments and unjust employment practices. Our employment lawyers are dedicated to supporting your claim:

    1. Validating Your Experience: Every detail of your experience is crucial, no matter how minor it may seem. From your initial consultation, we commit to thoroughly understanding every aspect of your case to ensure your perspective is fully represented and validated.
    2. Offering Practical Advice: With over two decades of expertise in employment and labor law, we prioritize honesty over unrealistic promises. Our approach involves providing forthright opinions and advice to help you understand your legal rights and set realistic expectations for your claim.
    3. Clearing Up Legal Terminology: Legal terminology can be extremely confusing when you have little to no background in the field. We strive to break down complex legal language into understandable terms to ensure you are fully informed about your claim and can confidently navigate the legal process.
    4. Guiding Informed Decision-Making: Understanding your legal rights is one thing; making informed decisions is another. Our role extends beyond legal representation; we act as trusted advisors to assist you in evaluating options and making choices that best serve your interests and case outcome.
    5. Leveling the Playing Field: In employment disputes, employers often have legal teams to support their side. Our extensive experience in employment and labor law enables us to counter such tactics to ensure a balanced and fair representation of your interests. We are committed to preventing intimidation or coercion from influencing your claim.

    What is Employment law?

    Employment law encompasses a range of regulations and statutes that define the rights and duties within the employer-employee relationship. It covers various facets of the working environment, including:

    • Wages
    • Working Hours
    • Workplace Conditions
    • Employment Contracts
    • Hiring Practices
    • Termination Processes
    • Employee Training
    • Business Agreements
    • Workplace Discrimination
    • Harassment
    • Wrongful Termination
    • Retaliation

    Federal employment law establishes the baseline standards that all employers must adhere to. However, in California, employment laws offer additional protections and benefits, expanding upon these federal guidelines. These state-specific laws encompass the aforementioned workplace aspects and other elements critical to employer-employee interactions.

    For employees who have experienced unfair treatment or legal violations in the workplace, seeking legal support is crucial. Our Santa Monica employment lawyers are dedicated to navigating the complexities of employment law claims and aim to secure just compensation for any damages incurred due to workplace issues.


    What Are California Employment Rights?

    California employment rights are renowned for their robust employee protections and stringent employer obligations. These laws actively guard against misconduct like discrimination and wrongful termination. Key rights afforded to employees under California employment law encompass:

    • Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) rights
    • Rights against discrimination
    • Rights against harassment
    • Entitlement to overtime pay
    • Sick leave benefits
    • State-mandated minimum wage
    • Safeguards against workplace retaliation
    • Protection against wrongful termination
    • Defense against hostile work environments

    These rights represent California’s commitment to creating a fair, equitable, and safe workplace for all employees that ensures they are treated with respect and dignity in the workplace.


    California Employment Laws & Enforcement

    California’s employment laws are structured and enforced through a network of acts and agencies dedicated to upholding fair and equitable workplace practices. Key components of this framework include:

    FEHA – California Fair Employment and Housing Act: FEHA covers employers with five or more employees and prohibits discrimination based on factors like cultural background, religion, skin color, nationality, physical and mental disability, medical condition, civil/marital status, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, and military service history.

    The state agencies responsible for overseeing and enforcing these laws include:

    DFEH – California Department of Fair Employment and Housing: DFEH is the state agency responsible for enforcing California’s civil rights laws within the workplace. It focuses on preventing discrimination, harassment, and retaliation against job applicants or employees belonging to protected classes.

    DLSE – California Department of Labor Standards Enforcement: Also known as the California Labor Commissioner’s Office, the DLSE ensures fair wage practices across all workplaces in the state. This agency manages claims related to unpaid wages, overtime, and retaliation grievances.

    DIR – California Department of Industrial Relations: The DIR plays a crucial role in protecting the health, safety, and economic welfare of employees. It oversees various divisions including:

    • Division of Apprenticeship Standards
    • Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
    • Division of Occupational Safety and Health
    • Division of Workers’ Compensation

    Together, these entities enforce the comprehensive body of employment laws in California to provide a robust system of protection and recourse for workers.


    Federal Employment Laws & Enforcement

    Federal employment laws provide a broad framework for ensuring fair treatment and equal opportunities in the workplace across the United States. Key laws and their enforcement mechanisms include:

    Civil Rights Act of 1964 – Title VII: Title VII is applicable to employers with 15 or more employees, prohibiting discrimination in employment matters on the basis of race, skin color, religion, gender, pregnancy status, or national origin.

    Age Discrimination in Employment Act of 1967 – ADEA: ADEA covers private employers with 20 or more employees and public entities (such as police departments, community colleges, and public schools). It protects applicants and employees 40 years or older from age-related discrimination in hiring, promotion, discharge, and compensation.

    Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 – ADA: The ADA prohibits discrimination against individuals with disabilities and applies to private and public entity employers with 15 or more employees.

    Family and Medical Leave Act – FMLA: FMLA entitles eligible employees to up to 12 weeks of unpaid, job-protected leave annually for certain family and medical reasons, maintaining group health insurance coverage under the same terms as if the employee had not taken leave.

    Fair Labor Standards Act – FLSA: The FLSA sets standards for minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, and youth employment, prohibiting child labor in both the private and public sectors.

    National Labor Relations Act – NLRA: The NLRA protects employees’ rights to organize and collectively bargain with their employers. It also addresses certain practices by private-sector employers and employees, such as discussing or soliciting for a union during non-work times.

    The federal agency tasked with enforcement operates under the US department of Labor:

    Equal Employment Opportunity Commission – EEOC: The EEOC enforces federal civil rights laws that prohibit workplace discrimination, harassment, and retaliation based on race, skin color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, age, disability, and genetic information.


    Types of Employment Law Claims

    Employees in California enjoy the same protections under federal anti-discrimination laws as workers across the United States. While many California employers have the flexibility to hire and dismiss employees at will, they are prohibited from terminating or retaliating against employees for reasons that breach legal or public policy standards. When such violations occur, employees have the right to file legal claims against their employers. The typical employment law claims encompass the following:

    What to do if You Are a Victim of Employment Law Violations?

    If you suspect you’re a victim of employment law violations, it’s crucial to take steps to safeguard your rights. Here are essential actions to take:

    1. Collect and Document Evidence Ensure you have solid evidence to support your claim. Document everything including dates, times, locations of any violations, and specific actions or comments by your employer. Gather contact details of potential witnesses, secure any available CCTV footage of incidents, and keep records of all relevant interactions.
    2. Report to Human Resources Though it might feel uncomfortable, reporting the issue to your Human Resources department is a critical step. This action is necessary for creating an official record of your complaint. If HR is unresponsive, this documentation will serve as evidence that you attempted to resolve the issue internally.
    3. Avoid Direct Negotiations Negotiating your claims directly with your employer is risky. There’s a high chance they may persuade you to sign agreements that could prevent you from pursuing legal action. It’s advisable to consult with an employment attorney before any negotiations.
    4. Consult with Experienced Employment Lawyers Engaging a skilled employment lawyer is key to navigating your claim effectively. At Mesriani Law Group, we help guide you through each step of the legal process towards justice. Our team of labor and employment law attorneys is dedicated to helping you receive the maximum compensation you deserve.


    What Damages Can I Seek if my Employment Rights Were Violated?

    When your employment rights are violated, the law allows you to seek various forms of compensation, depending on the specifics of your case. The potential damages you may be entitled to include:

    1. Lost Wages and Benefits: This is a common form of compensation in employment cases, covering the lost income and benefits resulting from wrongful termination or demotion.
    2. Emotional Distress Damages: If you’ve suffered from emotional distress such as anxiety, humiliation, grief, or psychological trauma due to wrongful termination, harassment, or other workplace mistreatments, you may be entitled to compensation for these emotional injuries.
    3. Attorney’s Fees and Litigation Expenses: In successful lawsuits, California law allows employees to seek compensation for attorney’s fees and litigation costs from the employer in addition to the damages awarded.
    4. Unpaid Wages with Interest for Labor Code Violations: Under California’s Labor Code, employers are required to pay an additional 10% interest per year on any unpaid and overtime wages. This comes alongside substantial monetary penalties for failing to provide accurate wage statements, proper meal and rest breaks, and timely payment of earned wages upon termination or resignation.
    5. Punitive Damages: These damages are not compensation for the employee but are imposed by the court as a penalty against the employer for negligent, intentional, or inhumane behavior.
    6. Reinstatement: While not always practical, especially in harassment cases, reinstatement to the same or a similar position may be awarded in certain situations.

    Each case is unique, and the specific damages you can seek will depend on the nature and extent of the employment law violations you have experienced.


    Investigation Into Employment Law Violations

    Determining whether one has been subject to discrimination or other forms of employer misconduct can be challenging for many employees, especially given their limited familiarity with state and federal laws protecting workers’ rights. Establishing clear evidence of such violations can be a complex and demanding process.

    Conducting a comprehensive investigation into potential employment law violations by an employer is crucial for bolstering an employee’s claim and achieving a favorable resolution. During such an investigation, our employment attorneys will meticulously review various elements, including:

    • Witness Testimonies: Gathering accounts from coworkers or other witnesses who can attest to the employer’s misconduct and violations of employment law.
    • Employment Records Review: Examining records for any documented behavioral or performance issues that might shed light on the situation.
    • Comparative Evidence: Collecting proof of any differential treatment or leniency shown to other employees in similar circumstances.
    • Indications of Class-Based Hostility: Identifying any evidence that suggests hostility towards members of a protected class.
    • Inconsistencies in Termination Rationales: Investigating for any discrepancies or changing reasons provided by the employer for wrongful termination.

    A thorough and detailed investigation is vital in uncovering the truth and supporting an employee’s claim against unfair and illegal employment practices.


    No Win, No Fee

    We understand that the main reason why victims of unjust treatment by employers are hesitant to file cases or claim damages against the parties at fault is because of the high legal fees.

    In order to help more people get the best compensation they deserve against the people who violated their rights, we decided to offer a contingency fee basis payment solution. This means that our “No Win No Fee” guarantee ensures that you don’t have to pay us anything for our top legal services, regardless of the complexities of your claims, if we are not able to provide you with the justice you deserve.

    We offer this because we are confident that our experience, expertise, and dedication will always translate to getting the maximum compensation you deserve at the swiftest possible time. Call our best employment and labor law attorneys in California for any employee-related concerns and we’ll assure you of nothing, but the best legal service and personalized client care you deserve.


    Don’t Let Your Employer Get Away with Violating Your Employment Rights

    Recognizing and safeguarding your rights as an employee is paramount. While your employer holds decision-making power and authority in the workplace, this should never come at the cost of your rights being violated. If you find yourself subjected to unfair or illegal treatment by your employer, the skilled Santa Monica employment and labor law attorneys at Mesriani Law Group are committed to helping you secure justice and the maximum compensation you are entitled to.


    Free Consultation with a Mesriani Employment Lawyer

    When searching for an employment lawyer, you’ll likely encounter numerous options, but Mesriani Law Group stands out as a top choice. We have over two decades of outstanding experience and a team of dedicated employment attorneys committed to defending your rights and representing you throughout your claim. We stand by our no win, no fee policy which highlights our commitment to securing the maximum compensation you deserve.

    Take the first step towards a successful resolution. Contact Mesriani Law Group at (310) 826-6300 or reach out to us online to schedule your FREE consultation today. Let’s work together towards a victorious outcome.

    Contact Us Today at (866) 500-7070 or Message Us Online to Schedule a Free Consultation

    Employment Law Lawyer FAQs

    What are your rights as an employee under employment law?

    As an employee, you have various rights under employment law, including protection from discrimination and harassment, entitlement to fair wages and safe working conditions, and the right to take family and medical leave for eligible reasons. Additionally, you are protected against wrongful termination and retaliation for asserting your rights or reporting violations. These rights are upheld by both federal and state laws to ensure a fair and equitable workplace.

    Can I sue my employer for unfair treatment?

    You can sue your employer for unfair treatment if it violates employment laws like discrimination, harassment, or retaliation. However, it’s important to first document the unfair treatment and ideally seek resolution through internal channels, such as human resources. If these steps don’t resolve the issue, consulting with an employment lawyer can help you understand your legal options and the feasibility of pursuing a lawsuit.

    How do you win a lawsuit against your employer?

    Winning a lawsuit against your employer typically requires demonstrating that the employer violated specific employment laws or terms of your employment contract. This involves gathering substantial evidence like documentation of incidents, witness statements, and any relevant communication. Engaging a skilled employment attorney is also crucial as they can guide you through the legal process, build a strong case, and effectively fight for you in court.

    Can I take legal action against my employer?

    You can take legal action against your employer if they have violated employment laws, such as engaging in discrimination, harassment, wrongful termination, or breaches of employment contracts. Before proceeding, it’s advisable to document the issue, attempt resolution through internal company channels, and consult with an employment attorney to understand your rights and the strength of your case.

    Absolutely No Fee Unless We Win Your Case

    Mesriani Law Group has over two decades of experience in protecting victims of personal injury accidents as well as employment and labor law violations in California.

    Through our wealth of experience, we understand that the main reason why victims of accidents or of unjust treatment by employers are hesitant to file cases or claim damages against the parties at fault, and this is because of the high legal fees.

    In order to resolve this matter and help more people get the best compensation they deserve against the people who caused their injuries, pain and suffering and losses, we decided to offer a No Win No Fee guarantee to all our clients. This means that you don’t have to pay us anything for our top legal services, regardless of the complexities of your claims, if we are not able to provide you with the justice you deserve.

    We offer this because we are confident that our experience, expertise and dedication will always translate in getting the maximum compensation you deserve at the swiftest possible time. Call our top personal injury attorneys right away for your personal injury accidents or our best employment and labor law attorneys in California for any employee related concerns and we’ll assure you of nothing but the best legal service and personalized client care you deserve.

    What Our Clients Have To Say

    I cannot emphasize enough the level of their professionalism and effectiveness. It was great working with Rodney and the whole team at the Mesriani Law Group. The compensation they got me was more than I expected. I highly recommend them. With the Mesriani Law Group you’ll be in the right hands when you have an accident. They’ll take care of your case like no one else and get the maximum that you deserve.

    George Yadegar

    After contacting many different lawyers and law firms to discuss my legal issue, I was lucky enough to come across Mesriani Law Group. They took the time to listen to all the details of my case patiently & kept me updated through out the process on a regular basis. His team was very responsive and accessible both via email and phone. Rodney Mesriani and his team did a fantastic job. Let me add that Cory, Stephan and Brandon were very helpful along the way.
    Highly recommend this law firm.

    Ali Daneshgar

    My insurance gave me the run around for a horrible car accident I was involved in. I was getting so frustrated until i contacted Rodney and his team. Not only was his staff super professional, they actually cared and followed up with me. My case has been settled and I couldn’t be happier. Hopefully I don’t get into any more accidents but if I do, I know where to go. Thanks for having my back Rodney!!!

    Maya R.

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