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Knowing Basic Burn Wound Care

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Fire hazards can occur in different ways, from small premise accidents to serious vehicular crashes. Burn injuries that can inflict both physical and emotional pain can be sustained in these circumstances, making it crucial for anyone to know how to treat burn injuries and be aware of what to do when these types of accidents happen.

Types of Burn Injury

Fire, hot liquids, steam, or any heated object can cause burn injuries. Chemicals and electricity can also cause these types of wounds. The depth and size of the burn are the two factors that doctors look into when evaluating this type of injury. Know that there are four different levels of burn degrees, which include the following:

  • First-degree burn: For this level, the affected area is the top layer of the skin or the epidermis. First-degree burns cause minor damage such as making the skin red or swollen. A sunburn that turns red or peels is one example of a first-degree burn.
  • Second-degree burn: This type of burn causes the skin to blister and thicken slightly. When this happens, it indicates that the damage has reached the second layer of the skin which is the dermis. It also causes pain and may lead to oozing or bleeding. Second-degree burns can heal within one to three weeks but may leave the skin discolored.
  • Third-degree burn: This type of burn causes the skin to have a leathery or waxen surface. It damages both layers of skin, along with the tendons, bones, and muscles. Numbness also occurs because of the extensive damage sustained by the surrounding nerves.
  • Fourth-degree burn: A fourth-degree burn causes charring deep into the flesh that becomes irreparable and is also considered as the most severe of all types of burns.

Understand that the pain of these burns can be managed and alleviated. You can treat first-degree burns at home, while second-degree burns may vary. Ointments are an option for shallow ones, but deep burns may require surgery. But know that you may also have a combination of first- to third-degree burns, which is why it is vital to seek a medical professional to understand and properly treat the injury that you have sustained.

Burn Wound Care: What to Do

The degree of a burn ranges from minor to major in severity. By understanding the level of severity of your burn first, you increase the chances of an effective treatment for the damage.
For most of these burns, seeking immediate medical assistance is the most advisable thing to do. But for burns that merely damage the surface, you may treat them at home.

Below are a few steps you can make when handling a minor burn:

  • Use antibacterial soap when washing your hands
  • Run cool water over the affected area to reduce pain and swelling
  • Apply a mild soap and use water to cleanse the burnt portion
  • If there’s no skin opening, apply antibiotic ointment
  • To avoid agitation, wrap the burnt area loosely with a sterile fabric

For major burns such as a second-degree burn or higher, seek a medical professional as soon as possible to administer the proper treatment for you. Inquire about any aftercare needed post-treatment so that you can manage the wound and healing processes yourself. You may have to use anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce the pain and swelling as well as undergo regular cleaning and re-application of other wound dressing prescribed by your medical provider.

What to Do After a Burn Injury

Know that burn injuries not only cause physical harm but mental and emotional suffering as well to either victims or their loved ones. It is also essential to note that injuries related to fire hazards can happen due to premise or traffic accidents. Explosions inside buildings or head-on collisions on the road, for example, can have grave consequences.
Suffering from burn accidents is not something to take lightly. Know that when you sustain such injuries because of someone else’s negligence, you can seek compensation from the party at fault. You have a claim for damages and losses you have suffered due to a premise liability or traffic accident case.

However, always be aware that the other party at fault will be covered by insurance companies when claiming damages for your burn injuries. They will employ examiners or adjusters that can challenge your claim and complicate them further. Given these cases, avoid talking to insurance adjusters and never negotiate with them by yourself after the incident. Doing so may lead you in decreasing the chances of getting better compensation than a settlement you agreed with too soon.

Seek a Burn Injury Lawyer in California

Whether you experience a traffic or premise accident that results in a burn injury, always seek assistance from legal professionals. Know that treatments for burn injuries can reach up to millions of dollars. They can also result in fatalities if not treated immediately and professionally.

It is essential to seek experienced burn injury lawyers in California to ensure that you acquire the maximum compensation you deserve given these different scenarios. The other party would most likely hire attorneys as well for their defense. These legal professionals would be experts in representing burn injury cases. So if you wish to go through all the process, be prepared and know that you don’t have to do it alone.

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