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Do You Need Motorcycle Insurance?

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Cruising on your bike in the highways and freeways of California is a fantastic experience. However, the state also suffers from the most number of motorcycle crashes in the U.S. The most common causes of these accidents are due to driver negligence, road hazards, and product liability of motorcycle manufacturers. To protect you from such incidences, getting motorcycle insurance is a must.

There are numerous benefits when getting your motorcycle insurance. For example, a comprehensive and collision pay compensates your repair and replacement costs for your motorcycle. Liability insurance, on the other hand, provides compensation for the damage you’ve done to another party.

However, know that you can still get short-changed when claiming your compensation from insurance companies because of their adjusters and legal professionals who are there to challenge your claims. So understanding how much it costs to get motorcycle insurance, the consequences of not having one, and knowing what the best insurance packages to get would help you acquire the right premium for your ride.

How Much is Motorcycle Insurance in California?

Getting motorcycle insurance for your ride in California is required by the law. Every registered motorcycle in the state must be insured to have liability coverage. With this, motorcyclists can be sure that they would be able to pay for bodily injuries, medical bills, and property damage in the event of an accident caused by them.

But keep in mind that state-mandated insurance does not cover your injuries and property damages. Purchasing an additional plan for yourself would be the best option to include for your injuries and damages.

Much like any other type of insurance, motorcycle insurance rates vary on what you want to be covered. Motorcycle insurance in California can cost between hundreds to thousands of dollars. Estimating the average costs is challenging since premiums depend on the individual’s condition.

Risk factors impact the amount you’ll pay for insurance such as the area you live in (rural or urban), your age (young or old), and driving history. The type of your motorcycle license also affects the costs of the coverage. Having a full license, for example, will cost you less compared to only having a learner’s or graduate license.

What Happens If You Don’t Get Motorcycle Insurance?

Since having motorcycle insurance is required by law, there are consequences if you don’t get one. Know that the financial burden of an uncovered accident is difficult enough. But aside from these financial risks, bikers from California can incur the following fines, penalties, and punishments when they fail to acquire motorcycle insurance:

  • Vehicle Registration Suspension: If you don’t get insurance for your motorcycle, your vehicle registration may be suspended. There are three instances that this may happen: you don’t buy new liability insurance within 45 days after the insurance gets canceled, your insurance agent fails to provide evidence of liability insurance within 30 days of the registration card state issued by the state, or, you present false insurance evidence.
  • Traffic Ticket: In the event that you fail to provide proof of insurance to a police officer during a traffic stop, you will be issued a traffic ticket.
  • Fines and impoundment: If you failed to show your proof of liability insurance during a traffic stop, your motorcycle could be impounded. You could also end up paying additional fines for not having liability insurance.

How to Get the Best Motorcycle Insurance

The first thing to know when getting insurance for your motorcycle is to understand how the company rates you. Doing this allows you to find the best and cheapest motorcycle insurance premiums based on your needs. Below are five factors that affect the cost of your insurance:

  • Type of motorcycle: Older and more basic bikes are less expensive compared to newer models. The newer and fancier your motorcycle is, the more expensive its insurance cost gets.
  • Age of rider: Much like car insurance, the older you are, the more affordable the rates will be for you. Higher rates are given to you if you’re a newer motorcycle rider up until you’ve acquired more riding experience.
  • Address: Insurance companies may provide you rates that are based on where you live. For example, areas that have high crime or accident rates have more expensive insurance costs compared to peaceful neighborhoods.
  • Driving history: Your driving history is vital for getting motorcycle insurance coverage. Previous accidents that you may have caused will be considered, including any automobile incidents. So if you have a clean driving record, you have a higher chance of getting your insurance at a more affordable rate.
  • Profession: The insurance cost of your motorcycle is also affected by your job since insurance companies take into account the route you take to work and the location you park your bike. For example, if you park your motorcycle on a construction site, the rate may increase because of the potential risks to your vehicle.

Seek Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Know that not all agencies are fair with their offers and would even withhold the full amount of benefits you are entitled to receive. Insurance adjusters may look for loopholes of your claims, which may deny you from getting the compensation you deserve. So when a motorcycle accident occurs, negotiating with insurance companies on your own isn’t advisable.

To ensure that you get the assistance you need during all of the processes, seek legal advice from experience motorcycle accident lawyers from Los Angeles. Legal professionals would be able to help you negotiate your claims and acquire the right compensation for you in case you have trouble with insurance companies.

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