Make The Most Of Your Vehicle Accident Claim

Author: Mesriani Law Group
Posted on: April 22, 2020

Los Angeles reported approximately 54,000 traffic collisions in 2019, according to the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). In 2016, Los Angeles implemented the Vision Zero policy, hoping to reduce the traffic injuries and fatalities in the city. However, despite such efforts, there hasn’t been a significant decrease in the number of injuries so far.

Getting involved in a car accident is bad enough and filing a claim for your damages can be a time-consuming hassle.

Mesriani Law Group represents car accident victims in Los Angeles and all of Los Angeles County. If you have been involved in a car accident, our car accident attorneys will help you maximize your claim and get the most of your settlement so you can move on with your day-today life.

What To Do After A Car Accident

It is important to get complete information while you’re at the scene of the accident. You must collect the following:

  • The other driver’s name, contact information, his insurance company’s name policy information;
  • Statements and contact information from any witnesses;
  • Pictures of the accident scene (cars as they are positioned right after the collision, damages on the cars, location of the accident and cross streets, license plates of the cars);
  • Contact information of any law enforcement officers who come to the scene.

The evidence and information you gather at the scene will strengthen your position on the cause of the car accident.


If you are injured, the legal issues involved in your car accident are more complicated. In addition to making claims for property damages (vehicle damage or personal property damage), car rental expenses, and other out-of-pocket expenses), you are also entitled to reimbursement of medical expenses and loss of wages. You can also claim for compensation for mental and physical pain and suffering caused by the accident.

You may not feel the symptoms of your accident injuries right away. Most of the time, these symptoms don’t appear for weeks. If the insurance company offers you a settlement, do not accept it until you have been diagnosed for all your injuries and have completed all your medical treatments.

Keep in mind that insurance companies will not always pay you what you are entitled to on a claim. Most often, they will offer you a very low settlement. Negotiating with insurance companies can be discouraging, frustrating, and laborious.

Our car accident attorneys at Mesriani Law Group are highly experienced in handling car accident and personal injury claims. With our exceptional negotiating skills, we are dedicated to obtaining the maximum compensation for car accident victims.