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Common Types of Employment Disputes in Los Angeles

Common Types of Employment Disputes in Los Angeles

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California has some of the most protective employment laws in the country and workers should feel empowered to take action if they have been mistreated at work. In Los Angeles, employees get treated unfairly at work and employment disputes happen all the time.


Common Types of Employment Disputes

In Los Angeles, some of the most common types of employment disputes include:

Wage and Hour Disputes 

You deserve to be accurately paid for the work that you do. Sometimes employers make employees work without paying them. But you should know that numerous California and federal laws prohibit employees from working when they are “off the clock”. If your employer has forced you to work without pay, they are violating your employment rights.

Other common wage and hour disputes include non-payment of overtime, not providing meal or rest breaks, and late payment of wages. Non-payment of business-related expenses or providing reimbursements are also examples of wage and hour disputes.

Wrongful Termination

Although California is an “at-will” employment state, employers cannot terminate you for illegal reasons. Employers don’t have to provide a reason to terminate you, but they cannot terminate you for reasons related to discrimination. For example, employers cannot fire you for reasons related to your race, gender, pregnancy status, age, or disability.


California state laws protect you from termination or harassment if you have reported your employer’s illegal actions to the proper authorities or have participated in an ongoing investigation against your employer.

If your employer has terminated, harassed, or denied you legal benefits, you have the option of filing a claim to obtain rightful compensation. Whistleblowing is illegal and employers are prohibited from firing or harassing employees for doing so.


Many employees hesitate to report illegal actions of their employers for fear of losing their jobs. Actions such as complaining about workplace safety or hazard issues, refusal to engage in an employer’s illegal actions, or refusing to lie to government officials on behalf of an employer are protected by state and federal laws.

If your employer has harassed or has taken discriminatory actions after you’ve reported an illegal action, you may be the victim of employment retaliation.

Discrimination and Harassment

Harassment and discrimination can present itself in various forms in the workplace. In California, employees are protected from various forms of discrimination and harassment including age, disability, race, religion, gender, or pregnancy status.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment happens very often in the workplace. Any form of unwanted sexual conduct such as demands for sexual favors, sexual advances, sexual innuendos, sexual jokes, unwanted touching, or inappropriate language is all considered sexual harassment. These behaviors are illegal and have no place in the work environment.


Contact an Employment Disputes Attorney Today

Employees are entitled to work in an environment free from discrimination or hostile behaviors. It’s not always easy to speak up for yourself but there are laws in place to ensure your rights are protected. With an experienced Los Angeles employment dispute attorney by your side, you can fight back against your employer and get the justice you deserve.

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