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Keeping Pedestrians Safe Around Construction Sites

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Construction sites are frequent sightings in any area. Approximately 252,000 construction areas are located across the United States. These sites are vital for the economy’s growth since they provide new establishments and buildings. Building new establishments provide safer and better houses, offices, and business institutions. They also pave the way for a better-looking cityscape.

However, construction sites are also considered as some of the most unsafe places that people will come across during their daily lives. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration or OSHA, there are 4,836 recorded fatalities on the part of construction workers in 2015 alone. Approximately 93 employees have been killed every week, or 13 workers wrongfully died in these sites.

Aside from this death toll, pedestrians are also at risk when they encounter building sites. In the country, there is an average of 100 recorded pedestrian fatalities. One of the primary causes of these fatalities is falling debris. Some deaths are also related to construction automobile, such as trucks and crane.

Senior Citizens and Differently-Abled Pedestrians

For pedestrians who have correctly functioning senses, construction sites are already dangerous. However, it becomes more hazardous to differently-abled pedestrians and senior citizens. They have impaired perceptions that limit their ability to hear or see an impending accident. Thus, they cannot take precautions whenever they encounter dangerous zones, such as building sites. Besides, some of them have restricted mobility which forbids them to stay away from accident-prone areas.

Through the Americans with Disability Act or ADA, differently-abled persons’ rights are safeguarded. This law gave instructions to construction sites regarding the safety of differently-abled pedestrians who might be near the building area. The directions provided by the ADA serves as precautions to avoid construction-related injuries on pedestrians.

Construction Sites and Public Safety

Pedestrians’ safety around building areas is not solely dependent on them. The authorities of construction sites have a responsibility for the workers’ and the pedestrians’ safety. There are designated rules for each area. It is imperative for those who are in-charge to be knowledgeable of these rules.

The American National Standards Institute, together with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, created safety recommendations for construction worksite. These guidelines are contained in ANSI/ASME A10.34-2001. Some of these safety regulations include posting of clear signages. In-charge of sites should also cover floor holes for the safety of pedestrians. Hazardous chemicals should also be kept away from the general public. In terms of construction vehicles, they should be tested before on-site use.

Most construction businesses employ different contractors for projects. It is crucial to exhibit proper communication between the parties involved to guarantee accountability from the concerned group. Effective communication the project has someone responsible for the safety of pedestrians. For example, there are business partners who are accountable for the maintenance and inspection of construction equipment. Some contractors are responsible for the overall safety situation of the site.

Steps to Take After a Construction Accident

In the unfortunate circumstances that you or someone you know became a victim of this kind of accident, it is a necessity to go to the nearest hospital. The emergency response team can help during these times. Falling debris and equipment in building areas are relatively large; thus, they can cause serious injuries. It is not advisable to be complacent about your bruises. It is also crucial to keep documents of medical bills for compensation claims.

After seeking medical care, it is crucial to ask for the help of a construction accident attorney. Companies might be responsible for the personal injury the victim has obtained. Legal representation will aid the victim in seeking compensation from those responsible for the safety procedures in the area. Victims do not need to handle the medical fees due to their injuries solely. In cases of payment for property damages such as cars and other possessions, a construction injury attorney will also be of great help.

Pursuing legal procedures requires documentation of the accident area. It also includes your memories of the accident; and what led to it. Construction companies will be held accountable if you and witnesses’ recollection, together with visual documentation, leads to the fact that these companies did not follow safety guidelines. It is also desirable to contact witnesses for further strengthening of the narrative.

Engaging with Qualified Legal Counsel

If you or someone you know suffered construction-related injuries, it is advisable to contact a highly-skilled construction injury attorney for your representation. These attorneys are knowledgeable of legal procedures regarding personal injury cases. They practiced their legal intelligence by representing numerous former clients. Victims of this accident do not need to go through the excruciating process alone. Those who have worksite negligence should be held accountable for the public’s safety.

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