What To Do After Pedestrian Accidents

Author: Mesriani Law Group
Posted on: August 7, 2020

Pedestrian accidents and injuries happen when an individual gets hit by a vehicle while walking on the streets, parking areas, or open spaces. As pedestrians have limited protection, being struck by a vehicle can cause serious injuries. Compared to the vehicles, the human body is unable to withstand an accident without harm.

Even with precautions to prevent accidents to pedestrians such as traffic barriers, pedestrian crossings, fences, and bollards, pedestrian car accidents can still happen.

The frequency of pedestrian accidents in Los Angeles and Southern California is sometimes due to driver negligence. Drivers get distracted by texting, eating, or talking on the phone which diverts their attention from the road ahead – leading to an accident. A common example of this type of driver negligence is hit-and-run cases. In California, a hit-and-run is a serious crime defined as an accident where a driver flees the scene without stopping and providing information.

Injuries Resulting from Pedestrian Accidents

The types of injuries that occur resulting from a pedestrian accident varies on the severity of the incident. Victims can sustain spinal damage, brain damage, head injuries, neck injury, and/or psychological trauma. In the most serious cases, victims can suffer from partial paralysis, total paralysis, or even wrongful death.

A series of medical examinations would be necessary to completely determine the full extent of the injuries. Additionally, treatments ranging from physical therapy to surgical procedures may be necessary. Medical treatments can include X-rays, MRIs, lab tests, neurological tests, chiropractic care, physical therapy sessions, orthopedic therapies, epidural injections, and surgeries. Needless to say, medical examinations and treatments are expensive and may cause a heavy financial burden to the victim. Obtaining the maximum compensation victims rightly deserve will enable them to get proper medical care without worrying about the financial costs.

Legal Procedures and Personal Injury Accident Claims

Specific legal procedures must be followed to win your claims. To prove your claims against the party at fault, you need to prove that the accident actually happened, that the party at fault is obligated to provide due care or violated a law or regulation, and that you suffered damages, injuries, and losses as a result of the act or omission.

Additionally, victims need to provide concrete evidence that the amount of claims they are demanding against the other party is justifiable.

Hire an Experienced Los Angeles Pedestrian Accident Attorney

If you’ve been injured walking on the streets, open spaces or parking areas, you deserve full compensation. But due to the complex nature of pedestrian accident cases, it is never advisable to pursue these claims without a personal injury attorney. Insurance companies are highly experienced with denying claims and a single mistake can jeopardize your entire case. Don’t risk losing your case by fighting on your own.

Mesriani Law Group’s Los Angeles lawyers have the skills to take legal action to prove your claims and will get you the justice you deserve. Our attorneys have over two decades of experience fighting and winning personal injury cases throughout Los Angeles and California. Hire a highly experienced Los Angeles pedestrian accident attorney today and let us get you the maximum compensation for your case.