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Fatal Shooting Outside Riverside Nightclub: 2 Dead, 1 Injured

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Gun shots were fired early Monday morning June 22, 2020 outside of a nightclub in Riverside. The incident occurred after a bar fight was broken up by the security guard and a man was escorted out. According to Riverside Police Department Officer Ryan Railsback, the man who was escorted was aggressive and argumentative with others while being escorted.

After being escorted, the man retrieved a firearm from his vehicle and drove by with a passenger in front of the nightclub striking the security guard. The security guard was able to shoot back striking both the driver and passenger.

The security guard is in stable condition and expected to survive according to officials. Authorities pronounced the suspected gunman and passenger dead at the scene.

As of now authorities are putting the driver at fault for escalating the situation. No names or connection between the deceased driver and passenger have been released.

The investigation is still on going.





Table of Contents for Specific Topics

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