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Harassment and Retaliation Claim Filed by Montebello Fire Chief Against City Mayor

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City Mayor of Montebello, Kimberly Cobos-Cawthorne, has a file claimed against her by the city’s fire chief, Fernando Pelaez, for alleged harassment and retaliation. The dispute between the two started in January when the fire chief and council members accused the mayor of violating the “Sunshine Law” or legally known as the Brown Act. This requires all government business to be held at open and public meetings based on a state policy that the people must be informed so they can keep control of their government.

According to the claim, the mayor is bypassing the chief making it difficult to do his job and setting him up for failure. Attorney Jamon Hicks representing the fire chief stated that the mayor has had it out for the chief for quite a while and is trying to do everything she can to have him dismissed. Even to an extent of attacking the chief on a personal level by contacting a local hotel and a security guard to investigate if the chief was dating another woman trying to sabotage his marriage.

The spokesperson, Michael Chee, for the city of Montebello stated that as a matter of policy they are not allowed to comment on matters that may foreshadow future legal action and that the fire chief is entitled to consider his legal options. This made it clear that the chief can file a lawsuit if the city rejects his claims.

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Table of Contents for Specific Topics

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